Only for the republicans. Again

You can’t have a safe Trump Rally in a 80+ democratic city. Imagine if we tried to do that in Alabama oh wait we did as a joke. Guys from England Jokingly painted pro-gay and pro-clinton stuff on the cars and drove around Alabama and were attacked. This is called a civil war if you are in a very blue area leave now.

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Why do you crap your pants every time someone disagrees with you, guts? I thought liberals were supposed to be mocked whenever they try to make a safe space? You lack the courage to present your views in a public forum?

It’s okay, son. I’ve got you mate.

What views am I holding back? Or is this facetious.

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Maybe this is because of a lack of safe spaces mate. Who knows.

I don’t know what to say. I could point out some bullshit though;

There was never a vaccine mandate done by either State or Federal Governments in Australia. What was done was the initiative to ensure that no citizen had to pay for a vaccine. It’s called healthcare and you can look it up in your own time. You know, if you have free time that you employers/slave owners allow.

The “overflowing with patients” link in the article is 404.

It then segues towards some crap about New Zealand, which I’m afraid to tell you is a different nation.

But congrats. You found something on the internet that agrees with you. Well done.

For real. It’s rare to find anyone who agrees with me. Even on a republican website.

Says more about you than you’d think. I reckon I can figure out how all these work disputes you post about happen as well.

I guess I should just off myself? Or go to some gay strip clubs for kids, or take some of those sensitivity courses.

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You do you, babe.

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You go, girl.

Thoughts? Are these cops being racist?

So what do you democrats have to say about this? I’m really interested.