Only For the Republicans X5

This virus was engineered to kill fat americans. That’s all I have to say about this.

China made no effort to contain it, that’s for sure. In fact they probably sent people to Europe to spread it. Wasn’t it nice of Dr. Fauci to help the Chinese to create it? The pandemic certainly added to his fame and fortune.

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This is sure to make some lefty race baiters cry

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Seriously; what if an ambulance needs to get by when these people are forcing their message down the people’s throats? This is not how you win people over. Not once single person caught up in this traffic is thinking “Oh hey you know they’re right; we really do need to do something about this climate change” - I guarantee you they’re planning on buying a larger vehicle and breeding cows to make those farts now, and if the situation presents itself punching these people in the face.


You misunderstand their goal. They’re not after hearts and minds with this protest, they’re after attention. Which they got, thanks to Fox and now you. It doesn’t matter if they changed anyone in traffic’s minds, they’re on the national stage now. If you really want them to fail you have to ignore them.

So you’re saying everyone should have just run them over?

– I’m totally for that but I don’t think your methods would work in real life, unless you don’t mind a life sentence

They are hard to ignore, @Gene, when they are sitting in the road blocking your way. It’s interesting to note that while they are blocking traffic and forcing people to idle their engines, more carbon is going into the air than if the targets of the protest had simply been allowed to drive home in peace.

Other nut cases from England are letting the air out of SUV tires in Manhattan. These A-H***s leave a leaflet in the victims’s windshields. Having had to get emergency auto service in Manhattan over 40 years ago, I can tell you getting your tires re-inflated would be expensive.

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I of course mean you, as an observer on the internet, would do better to ignore them. If you happen to run into them on the street, you’re stuck.

Until the police come and arrest them which they richly deserve.

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They do deserve it, and want it. The only way they succeed is when they’re elevated to national media like this. So, thanks Fox.

Yes thank you Fox. Because just when I think these lefties can’t become anymore insane, you overwhelmingly exceed my expectations.

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Yeah, I’m not sensing what the up-case is for this.

I thought initially he used a gun and that was what was triggering the DA; but no. He didn’t even use an illegal knife, just a utility knife.

Is it simply because the attacker was black? Are we that hard into double standards?

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The dude who got stabbed is according to democrats a born victim because of his skin color. This means they have no personal responsibility for anything ever, regardless of what it is. Wouldn’t be surprised if this case is the kickstarter for an anti knife campaign too.

someone in the comments called litefoot the racist beetlejuice XD XD XD

Watch the entire thing; and Greg finally says what we all think. When he gets emotional, I got emotional too. The USA won’t be safe for everyone while these woke leftist lunatic NPCs are here. — YOU’RE NOT HELPING BY SUPPORTING THE CRIMINALS. YOU’RE NOT.

Well. twilight zone music plays

Imagine a world where three white people beat the sh–t out of a black person for supporting Joe Biden.