Only For the Republicans X5

I would ask Taylor what is the definition of a man. And for the hell of it, what’s the definition of a woman.

I would like to turn myself in for CONTEMPT OF CONGRESS but the prison system doesn’t have room for all of us!


I don’t know who this Gaetz dude is, but I want a t-shirt

Is Liz Chaney done? There are rumors that she wants to run for President! She might become the chief of Traitorland, RINOstan or AdamSchiffia anything else is beyond her political abilities.

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If you want something new to blame Biden for, blame Biden for this:

This is what Republicans truly believe. If Demonrats accomplish anything, it’s perfectly okay for military veterans to die in agony. That’s just politics baby.

If the Democrats would allow “clean bills” to get through Congress, we wouldn’t have such issues. Instead they see an issue which has wide bipartisan support and add one of their controversial projects to it so that the legislation has a “poison pill” attached to it. To be fair Republicans do the same thing.

This one of the huge flaws in the Federal Government’s law making procedures. Rotten politicians are able to add garbage to bills that is unrelated to the issue at hand to get they pet projects enacted. If you vote against a “motherhood bill” with the garbage added to it, you get the blame. Once it has passed the President has no line item veto to stop it.

The system stinks, but rotten politicians use it to pass their crap. It’s not right. It’s one of the many reasons why Federal Government spending is way out of control.

As I understand it this one was pretty clean. What was in it that they objected to?

The Democrats changed the status of the spending from "discretionary” to “nondiscretionary.” The difference is if not all of the “discretionary spending” is used, it’s not spent. If it’s classified as “nondiscretionary spending,” the president has the power to spend leftover funds for whatever he wants.

At a time when spending is really out of control and the national debt gets worse every day, one would think that not spending the money that is not needed for the intended purpose would be a good thing. But the Democrats saw a chance to hang this provision on a popular bill. As Democrat guru, Rom Emanual, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” The time has come to abandon this mindset.

  1. As I’m seeing it that wasn’t changed, it’s the same bill minus an unrelated line removal that was passed by bipartisanly weeks ago 84-14. The only change was a removal of a line having to do with this being a taxable benefit.

  2. I think what you want ideally is “non-discretionary” funding. Discretionary can be spent at discretion, non-discretionary, or mandatory spending must be spent on the predetermined issue (veteran healthcare in this case).

You’re missing some context:

“There was an agreement between Senator Tester and [Senator Jerry] Moran for two amendment votes when this bill passed,” Cornyn said. “Senator Schumer would not allow those votes to occur. And what we’re hoping for is there will be a negotiation to eliminate some of the mandatory spending in the bill and then the bill can pass. But this is a cloture vote to provoke a conversation. But I expect it ultimately to pass in some form or another.”

So there was a prior agreement about adding amendments. This was before the announcement about the WV senator and other Democrats reaching an agreement.

Not holding the vote on the amendments = not passing the bill when it came back.

Btw, a slush fund of 30-40 billion is not the same as $400 billion.

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Now they passed it without making any changes from when they blocked it last week. So… Maybe Republicans were just holding it up out of spite and it backfired?

No, @Gene, concerns about excessive government spending slowed it down, but political pressure forced it through anyway. The Republicans looked very bad on this, and Democrats got a huge PR win.

I’m old with a strong net worth. I hope I can weather the collapse of the dollar. You are young. You should be concerned, but I know you are not.

It’s probably a waste of time to discuss this issue with you because you believe in Modern Monetary Theory. The current inflation problems are giving us a preview and a warning of the negative results that will come from it. The worst is yet to come if we continue on the present course.

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I’m pretty sure gene doesnt even live in the USA, so take that as a reference point.

No @Gene does not live in the USA. He lives in South Korea. If the U.S. goes to hell, he might not bother to come back.

Yet he feels qualified to impose his political system on everyone. In his world, no one will be allowed to escape it.

In my world, you can go to California, enjoy the climate and move it as far left as you want. Just leave me alone.

It won’t work out that way, however. California under socialism will go broke, and then it will have to attack its neighbors to get more resources. Unfortunately, the California leadership will learn nothing from their mistakes. Look at China and the Russia, if you want to study some current examples.

yup :slightly_smiling_face: