Only Fox News is Carrying This Story

I’m surprised because this should be talked about. People are losing faith in the 4th and the USA.

You keep bring us down… so far down. Had a huge block party in Muskegon last night no 4th here even the Fraternal Order of Police here broke down under pressured and blamed weather (rain after 1am).

We held a Discover us “Muskegon” fest on the 2nd in Lieu of the 4th. It normally would of went to the 4th it did last year but they cut it short in solidarity with well half the population

Why is no one talking about the 4th of July Cancelations?

If you feel like taking a dump on the country, go ahead. You have that first amendment right.

As for the Fox Poll, the more accurate interpretation might be that many of us are ashamed and disgusted with the people who run our current government.

People have viewed “progressive” government policies as injurious to the welfare of our lives and welfare for a long time. That is now more true than it ever has been. The Biden administration is out to hurt American citizens and does not care about the pain it inflicts upon us. You can’t say that about any other previous president. Biden is the worst president in history.

Says who? That festival I went to people are trying to get it shut down next year they said there were too many naked chicks for that to be a kids event. Psssh whatever free speech someones always gonna moan and cry.
A more traditional event would of been better should of went to highland park that was the most amazing American 4th I ever seen. Getting shot at a 4th of July celebration that’s so damn American it hurts its like a apple pie giving birth to a baseball. 1000 Eagles soar with pride as the tree of liberty is again watered with school children and pride goers. You are Free As they tell you you are free as they tell you!