Only the government could be this stupid


This is just too stupid to believe…

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This was probably the first thing the administration ordered to “save money”.


It’s the tip of the iceberg.


Part of the plan…make the cuts as brutal and disruptive as possible in terms of impact on the general public and ESPECIALLY in purple states…to allow the Dems to win back the house in 2014 and hold the Senate.


Obama looks to be punishing everyone and using the Sequestration excuse to do so.

Despite potential budget cuts being 4 days away and with Congress and the Administration negotiating to avoid them, the Department of Homeland Security has already started releasing hundreds of illegal aliens held in local jails in anticipation of automatic “sequestration” cuts – out of a planned total of more than 10,000 aliens to be released.

Sources tell Stand With Arizona that DHS has “34,000 beds” for illegal aliens, meaning that Secretary Janet Napolitano is releasing nearly 1/3 of all DHS-detained illegal aliens in the United States – despite the fact that no actual cuts have even begun, and despite a record of massive wasteful spending by DHS over the past 3 years.

Napolitano had been warning of potential impact to DHS after impending cuts, but now she has jumped the gun by enacting a “budgetary amnesty” by fiat – releasing thousands of criminal aliens amongst communities and families across the nation.

The New York Times reports that the aliens are being ”freed on supervised release while their cases continue in court”. But as SWA has reported in the past, many aliens facing deportation or prosecution on immigration holds never show up for those hearings, and remain in the country.

Rumor has it that 10,000 more will follow!

OUTRAGE: DHS Releases ‘Thousands’ of Illegal Aliens from Prison – Citing ‘Budget Cuts’ | Stand With Arizona


How does releasing illegal aliens from jail help to do that? Illegal votes?


And Sequestration has not even started yet. DHS has planly overstepped their bounds.


An intelligent political move by the Dems.

If Republicans take issue with the Illegal Alien part of the story the Dems will be able to use that to continue to play up their market share with Hispanics. It makes for good 10 second soundbytes for their cause.

If Republicans dont take the obvious bait and instead criticize the simpler fact that criminals are being released, the Dems can blame the budget cuts and the entire problem on Republicans. The Dems have much better talking points releasing illegal aliens than they do, say, releasing non-violent drug offenders.

The conservative members of the media will surely be suckered into battle of 10 second soundbytes which they will surely lose. Then will retreat into the more politically difficult realm of making the real arguments based on facts and complete thoughts and by then the issue will already be old news and something shiny and new will have the nation’s attention. By then the only people who still care about this will be those who soon become victims of crime caused by the released. And that will only serve as more fodder for the argument over budget cuts, since by the time these stories start getting picked up the cuts will be happening.


Ha no, I don’t think so. I believe the strategy Cam is thinking of is to make people in purple states miserable then the Dems will use the media to spin it to where the people in the purple states blame the Republicans for the sequestrations and thus for their misery because of sequestration. This blaming of the republicans will give them incentive to vote them out in 2014.


Ok BOP. Good point! Didn’t think of that angle! You are correct. Good job!! :dog:


Those college classes may be teaching critical thinking after all haha.

I’ve heard so much about rigged elections at this point in my college life that I am pretty sure I could win an election in a small country.


Hmmmm…you could win an election here, for that matter! :slight_smile:


It’s obviously George Bush’s fault, and Ron Paul is the only answer that makes sense, but Romnulus would have solved it more liberally.


Sorry, I’m in a funny mood.

Yeah, Obamama… guy pushed for this last year as a way to help out, but then found out it would be bad politically for him I guess. So, he’s blaming the R’s and his lemmings will believe him.


This two threads being about the same bit of news, I merged the two threads.

The operative phrase is “Washington Monument Syndrome”: threaten or do dramatic and/or painful things to maximize visibility to the public, rather than common sense things that would minimize the impact of changes or leave changes invisible.