Oooops! Black Man Arrested For Setting Fire to 2 Black Churches


Oooops! Black Man Arrested For Setting Fire to 2 Black Churches
by Rick Moran


After several racial activists — including the Southern Poverty Law Center — suggested that a string of fires at black churches near St. Louis were the result of white supremacists egged on by mainstream conservative groups, St. Louis police arrested a man and charged him with two of the arson attacks and named him as a suspect in the others.

The suspect, David Lopez Jackson, is a 35 year old black man.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for an apology from the SPLC. They have a habit of naming political opponents “hate groups.” Of course, the more hate groups they can find, the more they can scare people into giving them money. It’s an old liberal racket and it usually works like a charm because many on the left equate opposition to “hate.”

It’s true there are hate groups in the US, and given what we know about the FBI’s infiltration of the Klan back in the 60s and 70s, you would hope the government knows who they are and has their eyes on them. But the SPLC and other racialists are only interested in using the legitimate hate groups to delegitimize anyone who opposes their political agenda. They signify Christian groups as “hate” groups because they oppose gay marriage. They name anti-Sharia law groups as Islam haters.

The tactic is despicable, but effective. Even when their hypocrisy is exposed as it has been with this incident, it won’t matter. They’ll simply wait for the next opportunity to smear their enemies, trusting that the media will cover their attacks in loving detail.

As Moran said in his first sentence, “Schadenfreude’s a bitch, isn’t it?” Yet another race-baiters’ narrative falls before facts. Unsurprisingly! Equally unsurprisingly - but quite cynically - groups like the SPLC will cry wolf at the next imagined outrage, their haste and malice unabated. Also equally unsurprisingly, the MSM will ignore the SPLC’s agendized wolf-crying and continue to give the SPLC, et al, credibility by consulting them without any warning of their history of wolf-crying.


No doubt he did it to create more rage and keep the phony victimization of blacks meme going. These churches were all near Ferguson and the fires caused minimum damage, so it doesn’t look like there was serious intent to burn them down.


That’s more than is known at this point. It could be that the dude is “just” a pyromaniac (literally, not metaphorically), and his mental state is such that being an effective arsonist is more than he can do.

OTOH, I’ve seen comments from a prison guard to the effect that some of the guy’s tats are of gang variety. Why he might set the fires for gang-cred or to race-bait but do so very little damage, I don’t understand.

Frankly, if the truth is that he was going for gang-cred or race-baiting I doubt we’ll ever know, as the MSM and professional race-baiters have mostly moved on, in anticipation of the next exploitable incident, with a few going the conspiracy-theory route by claiming this guy is a scapegoat, a pawn in a grand cover-up.