Oops! He Did It Again… Obama Still Wants to Export Jobs to China


After last night’s whooping Obama started his day with a big rally where he told supporters he wanted to export more jobs to China.It must be the altitiude.

Still flustered and rattled after being defeated by Romney in the first presidential debate, President Barack Obama announced in Denver today that the best way to maintain a strong and thriving middle class was to export more jobs. Obama made similar mistake last week at a campaign appearance at Kent State University before quickly catching his slip and saying he was “channeling Mitt Romney.”

Wait a minute here we have obumer talking about exporting jobs and recently there was an attack on Rommey for this very thing.


If he says it long enough the Dems will realize that’s the heart of their platform.


as you say John is what Romney stated last night, repeat a lie often enough means you are trying to call lie truth.