Op-Ed: How Bruce Jenner changed the life of every American


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Did I say Bruce?
My mistake.
That was last year. This year he’s Caitlyn, meaning that he’s transformed himself into a woman.

This does not happen every day, you know. Most people, in this country at least, stick to what they know.
A man knows he’s a man. A woman knows she’s a woman. This used to be so simple. Now we have to guess.
Thanks to Liberals and their Progressive agenda, no girl or woman is safe anywhere in America particularly at school.

Privacy is out. Modesty is forbidden. Big Brother is watching. From the moment the Obama Administration ordered all public schools to allow transgender people to use any shower or bathroom facility – boys must be permitted to undress with girls and girls with boys – Big Brother has got you covered everywhere you go.
Your life, your comings and goings belong to the Government in what amounts to a war on women under this new policy enacted by Liberals.

The washroom used to be a zone of safety for women, so when Jewish sophomore Eliana Kopley ran for her life when she was being pursued by SJP and BDS Jihadist brutes at UC-Irvine – where was she supposed to hide when any Islamist crazed goon has the same rights to access the same ladies’ room?

Obama meant it when he talked about changing the very foundation of this country – meaning that no longer does this land belong to you and me. It belongs to him and it belongs to Loretta Lynch, his attorney general, who came on TV to heatedly equate the transgender movement to the Civil Rights Movement.

Case closed.

How Bruce Jenner changed the life of every American - Op-Eds - Arutz Sheva


Privacy is out. Modesty is forbidden.

So much for the left’s claim of privacy in the abortion issue…


It was all a publicity stunt. At “it’s” age, the hormones should not have been “raging” to make such a drastic change, I wouldn’t think. Just sayin’.