Operational Definition Of A Witch Hunt


As early as late 2018, Louis Jacobson of PolitiFact, researched/documented the political makeup of Mueller’s investigative team.

According to Jacobson’s article/research - of the 17 members of Mueller’s team, 12 were/are registered Democrats, with several of the 12 being donors to Clinton. Of the remaining 5 members, 3 have previously registered as Democrats, but now list no affiliation. Of the 2 remaining members, one has never shown an affiliation and only Robert Mueller is a registered Republican.

Let that sink in - 12 - probably 15 and perhaps 16 - of the 17 team members charged with investigating Trump were Democrats.

Is there anyone on this site who is stupid enough to believe the selection process could have been objective?

And, as we witnessed during today’s hearing, the lone Republican (if in fact he is) - Robert Mueller - obviously had little to do with the actual investigation or the writing of the final report.

If the Inspector General’s investigation, now due out in September, shows criminal activity in the FISA process, material supplied by the DNC operative, Steele, via a Russian contact without vetting/corroboration, etc, I hope Republicans do not hold back - prosecute to the full extent of the law!!


It is imperative that there be HIGH LEVEL indictments and trials (no plea bargains) preferably on CourtTV; not for political retribution but for the future of the Republic.


President Trump has said many times that no president should have to go through what he went through and he’s going to make sure none ever will again. What does that mean?

I think it means he’s going to “prosecute to the full extent of the law.”

What else can you do to prevent a repeat with the next Republican president? Just passing a law would be pointless since lots of existing laws were broken. No, I think he’s thinking the only thing that will do the trick is to make sure high-level lawbreakers spend quality time in orange jumpsuits in prison.


I will believe that something positive will come out of the Inspector General’s report when I see it. I have lost all faith that the Federal Government Bureaucracy will ever do anything to police itself. They are too interested in grabbing money, power and jobs and retirement benefits for life.

You guys can dream that the Inspector General will do something positive, but it’s not going to happen. He is part of the swamp and will do all he can to protect it.