Opinion on Ahmud Arbury killing?

I’m sure most of you are familiar with this case. In the interest keeping my bias out of it, I won’t link anything but the video.

Curious about your thoughts on this case. Was Aubury rightly killed, or did the McMichaels go to far and deserve to be charged with felony murder?

Expect the d.a. will go for manslaughter. It might be murder but that could be tough to “sell” to a jury. It isn’t about what actually happened, but what can be proved in a court of law. Not following the case, tho, so there may be more evidence I haven’t seen that would change my mind either way.

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My personal bias is that I hope that citizens of this country of whatever race haven’t degenerated to casually killing others of whatever race out of hand on the flimsiest pretexts. I hope we’re not that far gone…


Here is the definition of manslaughter in GA:

(a) A person commits the offense of involuntary manslaughter in the commission of an unlawful act when he causes the death of another human being without any intention to do so by the commission of an unlawful act other than a felony.

I don’t think that definition fits, but who knows, the McMichaels may take a plea to Manslaughter.

I don’t think anyone has ever written anything on this site that I agree with more.

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As a Georgia resident, (ianal) I believe there are other circumstantial definitions where even with the intent to do lethal harm, it can still be manslaughter. Heat of passion, that kind of thing. I don t see anything in this case that makes killing Arbury actually justified or justifiable. I hope there is something that at least makes it understandable.

I think that the guys who killed him are idiots, and probably racists. The whole thing was just asking for trouble. They should never have gotten involved with this. They were stupid. They fed red meat to the far left who characterize us as knuckle draggers.

Before you think I have joined Mr. Brown, this kid was not the innocent little lamb that the left paints him to be. There was footage shown down here of how he acted and looked during a police stop. He looked and acted like one of those guys who makes you cross the street to avoid him. I was mugged and robbed once so I know something about this.

What’s really surprising is that one of the men was a former police officer.

That said, I’m aware that Aubury was no angel. I believe he was arrested for shoplifting at one point and there is video of him walking though a construction site, possibly casing it, but I’m sure you’d agree that it makes little difference Aubury’s past with respect to how the McMichaels handled themselves.

The driver that shot the video has also been charged with murder, though the prosecution will have to prove that the man (Bryant?) knew what the McMichaels were planning to do.

That said, I was also mugged by 5 black men when I was 15 on a bridge between Somerville and Medford Massachusetts. I was fortunate to escape unharmed as one had a gun and several others had bats and other assorted accouterments.

I will add that I haven’t seen any “left-wing” coverage of the shooting, but I won’t deny the media ALL MEDIA has a tendency to shape their coverage to their audience and that is unfortunate and I don’t support it nor do I think it should be tolerated.

I watch left wing media, ABC News.

This was one of their lead stories for several nights until the Idiot police officers choked the guy to death on camera in St. Paul. What wrong with them? I guess they are not old enough to remember when the fat guy in New York City was chocked to death on camera for selling bootleg cigarettes.

It almost seems like this is a conspiracy to make conservatives look bad.

As you can see I call them as I see them.

Also no angel, but resisting arrest is not a capital offense, and police are not supposed to be judge jury and executioner.

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Power corrupts, exacerbating weakness of character and amplifying degeneracy.

EDIT: SOrry, that was supposed to be part of the previois post. Still getting used to my new phone

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You’re on a roll…My thoughts coming out of your head…Go figure.

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Agreed. That officer should NOT have had his knee on the suspect’s neck…certainly not for that long. That said, something’s missing here. We see a video of an officer helping a handcuffed suspect to his feet and walking him out of camera range to the left. Then NEXT we see the perp on his face in the street on the far side of a police cruiser with a different officer’s knee on his neck. How did THAT happen? What happened between him walking with that one officer and winding up in the street face-down with another officer’s knee on his neck?

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I don’t think that really matters. We trust the police with an enormous amount of power, quite literally the power of life or state sanctioned death. They must maintain the highest possible standards or lose the faith of the citizenry.

‘Liberals’ tend to distrust or outright hate police, yet constantly attempt to expand the power of the state and its policing authority. Conservatives tend to honor police, yet distrust and fear the state power they represent. Both sides are half right. No one can really be trusted with power. Not the politicians, and not their enforcers. The right temptation will corrupt any man.


You take that back!

Ew, no. Those are the thoughts of a lot of other men before us.

It’s fun when we agree, the only part I take issue with is that, as you rightly note, the officer should not be on the man’s neck. It’s hard (though I admit in the most drastic of circumstances not impossible) to imagine there was a justification for putting a knee on the neck of a man, who in the video portion is handcuffed and does not appear to be struggling let alone represent a real danger to the officer and this is where the line has been crossed, or so it would appear given the evidence I’ve seen.

One more thought. I think the legal question (and no I’m not a lawyer) should be, could the officers have arrested the man with reasonable certainly their lives weren’t in danger without killing the man?

The other question is, would a reasonable person believe that putting your weight on a persons neck (as he appears to do in the video) kill them?

If the answer to both questions is yes, then, based on what I’ve seen so far, things probably won’t go well for the officer/s.

I can’t, it’s fun to watch you squirm!

True, but the fact is, we both agree…Perish the thought.

Well, all the blind groping you’ve done finally found you a nut!

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Just read the D.o.J. (Civil Rights Div.) will be looking into the Minneapolis case. I think that’s appropriate. The officer in question was the subject of 19 complaints and no disciplinary actions.

Good grief, rogue cops on the one hand, and “Death Wish” vigilantes on the other.

Perhaps it’s time to end this “cum by ya” moment to mention the looters who are stealing stuff from stores like Target and Auto Depo and setting the buildings on fire.

These criminals are not protestors. They are scum bags taking advantage of an opportunity. People have done this since the 1960s when Martin Luther King told looters that they were getting a free TV and destroying their neighborhoods and the good works of the civil rights movement.

They steal from their neighborhoods, PERIOD. They have nothing to do with the civil rights movement. They are criminals.

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Two thumps up to CSBROWN.

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