OPINION: The damaging case against James Comey


OPINION: The damaging case against James Comey

The testimony of James Comey proved long on atmospherics and short on ethics. While many were riveted by Comey’s discussion of his discomfort in meetings with President Trump, most seemed to miss the fact that Comey was describing his own conduct in strikingly unethical terms. The greatest irony is that Trump succeeded in baiting Comey to a degree that even Trump could not have imagined. After calling Comey a “showboat” and poor director, Comey proceeded to commit an unethical and unprofessional act in leaking damaging memos against Trump.

… he almost uniformly avoided taking a firm stand in support of the professional standards of the FBI. During the Obama administration, U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch gave Comey a direct order to mislead the public by calling the ongoing investigation a mere “matter.” Rather than standing firm on the integrity of his department and refusing to adopt such a meaningless and misleading term, Comey yielded to Lynch while now claiming discomfort over carrying out the order.

However, the clearest violation came in the days following his termination. Comey admits that he gave the damaging memos to a friend at Columbia Law School with the full knowledge that the information would be given to the media. It was a particularly curious moment for a former director who was asked by the president to fight the leakers in the government. …

Comey said that he took these actions days after his termination, when he said that he woke up in the middle of the night and realized suddenly that the memos could be used to contradict Trump. It was a bizarrely casual treatment of material that would be viewed by many as clearly FBI information. He did not confer with the FBI or the Justice Department. He did not ask for any classification review despite one of the parties described being the president of the United States. He simply sent the memos to a law professor to serve as a conduit to the media.

My emphasis. It’s ironic that in trying to impeach Trump’s ethics, Comey impeached his own.


Bingo! Comedy impeached himself he came across as a bumbling fool working at the highest level of government without access to the highest level of secrecy. I think he sees himself as above the law and above the office of president of the United States.


Precisely. On multiple occasions and matters he decided whether or not to follow what the law clearly requires. E.G. he should have left to the Justice Department, specifically the relevant Assistant AG, to decide whether or not to prosecute Hillary Clinton on the several felony charges (for which the evidence was overwhelmingly strong), not made the “decision” himself.


Comedies ties to the Clintons goes back many many years. I think he is corrupt and was hoping that the Clintons would give him a position in their fun door something like that that he could get wealthy on. I think he sees himself as another J Edgar Hoover clearly the most powerful man that ever let the FBI and won the most part for men in government ever …


James Comey wanted to be J. Edgar Hoover when he grew up. Well, he didn’t quite make it on either of the two.