Opportunities in the coming period

Read this: https://www.politico.com/states/california/story/2020/08/04/husband-of-los-angeles-da-charged-after-allegedly-pulling-gun-on-black-lives-matter-protesters-1304943

The coming period will be a difficult one for patriots: we’re going to be subject to a (mild) version of the witchhunt that the Left faced in the late 40s-early 50s (with the difference that there were indeed ‘witches’ then, namely, the Soviet-controlled CPUSA).

There will be ‘loyality oaths’ — “Do you or do you not condemn violent insurrection?” – which will be a win-win for the Left, because either you ‘condemn’ it (technically the only patriotic position, but when you do, you then endorse their b—s--- analysis of the fools’ dance on 6 January), or you don’t. They win either way. Oh well, politics is a dirty game and they’re in the process of dismantling America, so don’t expect them to play nice.

There will be civil war within the Republican Party: Mr Trump will exercise his destructive powers one last time.

We just have to ride it out. It will pass in a year or two. But … there will be opportunities also, as the Democrats turn on each other – the crazier ones going after the less crazy.

We need to take advantage of these situations, by finding ways to construct alliances – possibly discreet and informal ones – with those Democrats who are not yet fully entangled in the project of the Left.

A good test would be, those Democrats who are for law and order, vs the ones who want to undermine it – I don’t just mean the AntiFa vermin, but the politicians who cater to them.

Eventually, the Trump millstone will fall from our necks, and hopefully a new leadership can emerge. The most important thing we can do is to try to ensure that this new leadership is fully committed to shaking off the chains of empire – getting out of the Third World snakepits for a start. (It will be interesting to see what the Biden team do in this respect: I suspect that the Washington Foreign Policy Establishment will take charge again, so it will be full-on Cold War.)

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We are already seeing some of the "progressive’ big mayors paying the price for their pro BLM and Antifa stands. The Portland mayor was confronted in a restaurant while he was trying to have a drink by a foul mouthed “progressive” who called the four letter word names usually used on Republicans. Here was a guy who supported all summer, and now he’s “the reactionary.”

The Democrats are going to learn that part of their party is full of anarchists and crazies. The Democrats are going to have to put some of them in jail to keep order. They won’t have Trump and the Republicans to use as excuses any more because THEY ARE IN CHARGE. They will hear the wrath of AOC and the rest, and some of them might get “primaried” as AOC like to say.

They are going to have crap record following them as they run for re-election. The economy will be down; crime will be up; and they will be responsible.

As for Trump, I agree. He will be history in about a year. He’s burned too many bridges.

Correct. And you and yours are going into the dustbin of history just like the Whigs.

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It could have been avoided if Republicans had the spine to remove him early. But they enabled him and now the party of Trump is eating itself. The chaos maker is causing chaos. Who would have guessed?

Unlikely given the number of Republicans fully willing to embrace his style. The problem is, Trump is truly one of a kind and there are few people in the world capable of what he is and does (that’s a compliment to him), and trying to walk in his shoes will most likely be an unmitigated failure.

The radicals on the right are going to push really hard against you in the coming years and while I hope you succeed in taking back your party, I have my doubts that if you do succeed what is left will resemble the party of Regan and the Bush’s.

I really have no desire for the GOP to return to the “Party of the Bush’s”, though the Party of Reagan wouldn’t be all that bad. There was never a REASON to “remove him early.” He won the election in 2016 legitimately, shocking the pant-suit off of Hillary (though that image may haunt me for the rest of my days.). There was NEVER any “collusion” between Trump and Putin…ever…and the whole nation knows that he was NEVER a racist, homophobe or xenophobe as the Democrats to this day mischaracterize him. YOU people despise him for stalling your plans to establish a One World Order in the U.S. under what passes laughingly as “Democrat leadership.” Democrats couldn’t “lead” a kindergarten sing-along.

The Party of Reagan stood hard against the Soviet Union and helped it self-destruct, peacefully. A wonderful contrast to that kind but naive man Jimmy Carter.

Then … we didn’t understand the new world that emerged, and didn’t do the right things in it. A long discussion, not the place for it in this thread. [Short summary: we kept the Cold War machine on autopilot, and totally bungled dealing with the Russians: Putin is our creation. We bought the libertarian line on immigration and free trade – became the Chamber of Commerce party. Trump won because he appeared to challenge that, and his challenge appeared sincere because of his pedigree.]

The Republican base is McGovernized right now, all fired up, adhering to all sorts of crazy ideas. This will pass. We have some very good people on the way up, like Dan Crenshaw. We might pull Jim Webb back, and Tulsi Gabbard over. But no one knows the future.

What I DO know of the immediate future is that we’re in BIG trouble with the Democrats in virtual control of the entire government for at least the next two years. They’ve owned the bureaucracy for 50 years now, the media for nearer 80, Hollywierd for nearly that long and Academia for at least 60. Conservatives have been distracted by the necessity of working, providing for their families and paying their taxes and allowed all this to happen virtually unchallenged.

Everything you say is true. But … the description of ‘conservatives’ you provide is of the rank and file … the 99%. We have leaders as well, who are not so distracted. Both intellectual leaders – the several hundred pundits who write for the dozen or so conservative journals, like National Review and First Things and claremont Review of Books … and political leaders … the several thousand people who make up Republicans in elected office. I’m not blaming anyone here, just that conservatives who really should have figured things out, didn’t do a very good job of it.

And … we didn’t understand the world very well. Our response to 9-11 was a disaster, for which we’re still paying. I think we totally bungled Russia’s transition from Communism. Conservatives have tended to borrow libertarian economic thinking in theory, while just endorsing the status quo in practice – we’ve never fully faced what a ‘conservative welfare state’ might look like. Into this vacuum stepped Mr Trump.

So … a lot of work to do.

The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of Conservatives is to prevent mistakes from being corrected. G. K. Chesterton

This about sums it up. Traditional conservative republicans are losers. Their idea of Hispanic outreach (amnesty) utterly failed, Trump’s idea worked (protect American low wage jobs and traditional values) worked. They have no clue as to how to reach black Americans, Trump has done it. If they survive a primary they will have to bear the mark of Cain for strong MAGA supporters. If 10 or 20% stay home on election night your side is toast. MAGA voters aren’t going to buy tainted red meat, empty promises or be swayed by “lesser of two evils”. Maybe you could run Bob Dole in 2024, he’ll only be 101 and democrats have proven you can win with the walking dead. Honestly your only hope of a political future is if the democrat Establishment manages to defeat their woke/sjw/progressive/socialist/communist wing then you can join up and be the reincarnation of the Blue Dogs.