Oprah=Phil Donahue


Years ago I watched Donahue with the wife and then Oprah came on the scene. After a while I determined that Donahue had gone off the deep end and gone totally liberal. I had not noticed this before he married Marlo Thomas who is an out spoken liberal. He became combative toward the quests and was not allowing quests to speak
Donahue quit the show and years later tried to revive it but it did not last long because of the antagonism from the host and his quests when questioned by the audience.

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Well now Oprah has shown her true colors to audiences as to what she really feels and some people have pointed out that she is not worth watching nor paying hard cash for with her new network OWN.

Years ago I sensed her dishonesty and her bias along with subtle racism and this has surfaced now to be seen by many people.

This is one phenomenon that I do not understand when I see some black person who has attained star status to many decide that white people hate them when it was whites along with others than propelled them to fame.

Now the question is will Oprah suffer the consequences of her nature? She has already canceled her daytime show which was losing audiences and viewers from what I understand.


She doesn’t think white people hate her. White women loved her. SHE didn’t love them as she pretended. She doesn’t even respect her audience. She USED them to get to where she is. White Middle America gave her show, and her, respectability, and success. She’d not have gotten that if her target audience was an all black female audience. Pretty crafty.


All I wondered in both situations is what took people so long. Most people I knew saw them for what they were worth from the get go.
Come to think of it, when you consider their popularity, is it any wonder we have the politicians we do?


Donohue in my opinion has always been liberal. BUT, his shows early on didn’t seem to have a political agenda. I think he allowed his political views to come thru as he built up his audience and he felt more comfortable exhibiting his political beliefs. Plus. his audience tended in that direction anyway. It was the rest of America that was the problem.


Come to think of it, I did watch Donahue in the beginning. That’s when he was bringing up social issues, and most of the audience agreed that stricter parenting and school rules were the key to a successful nation.
Time passed, I tuned in again, only to wonder what in the blazes name happend in my absence!
All of a sudden, IIRC, it was all about ‘self-esteem’, and ‘children’s rights’, and again, IIRC, the advent to brats threatening “child abuse” if their parents spanked them.
The one thing I DO remember, specifically, is the audience shouting down, and/or Donahue being snotishly rude to anyone in the audience who dared disagree. Thing was, I was always in agreement with the nay-sayer.
Thanks, Caroline, for the reminder because I do believe that it was in that time period that the show turned into, “It was the rest of America that was the problem”, just like you said.
Funny…that’s when I tuned out. Funny, in that seems to me that the show collapsed not long after that.
Sooo…if his ratings were so poor, then how come Liberalism remained such a success?


ohio, chicago, new york. The venues for his show. Sorta explains a lot.


When they revived Donahue they thought they would knock out Bill O Reilly but his ratings were so dismal that they only kept the show on to try to hurt O Reilly but eventually they had to can it.


Which makes one wonder how we ended up with his best-buddy O’vomit for president.
But, as Caroline stated, the Bottom-Feeding-City-Dwellers.
So much for the ‘electoral college’. Protects us about as much as sandles in a cow pasture.


Gee, I wonder why Oprah had to start paying off her audiences the last couple years??? What could it be???