Oprah's new network


I was conflicted if this belonged in the entertainment forum since it pertains to TV or whether it belongs somewhere else since the entertainment forum is categorized under RO RELAX, and I don’t find Oprah to be relaxing. Regardless, it’s here.

Can Oprah the Channel Succeed Without Oprah the Talk-Show Star? – New York Magazine

Now, maybe we’re unusual in our house, but there were a lot of shows on Discovery Health that we watched. From where I’m sitting, I’m wondering "What does Oprah need with another TV Network??? She already had Oxygen. Couldn’t she just start a new one if she wanted it so badly instead of taking over an existing network that has at best a loose topicallity to Oprah?


Is this the thing that i heard a day or so ago that on the initial show, there were about 1 million viewers. This is not a good number and likely to go lower. I’m not interested personally, in anything oprah.


She wants a channel which she herself controls, she doesn’t control the shows.


My son and wife watch Discovery Health quite a bit. They are very disappointed in the Oprah channel kicking it off of the guide.