Oregon salon owner: State sent child protective services to my home because I reopened my business

Oregon salon owner: State sent child protective services to my home because I reopened my business


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There have been some chilling events during this crisis. Though it seems like they’re largely blue state problems.

Buck Sexton opined that this November we will have the lowest Democrat voter turnout in history because no one is excited about voting for Biden. So hopefully we’ll get rid of some Democrat Congressmen and maybe even retake the house.

But are the dirty coup plotters ever going to get justice?

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Let’s pray that the Dems do stay home because Biden is such a weak, unqualified candidate and takes enough Nancy Pelosi House Democrats with him. The Senate is going to be very tough because far more Republican seats (something like 24 to 12) are up for re-election than Democrat ones.

This is really a crossroads election. Yesterday people paid tribute to those who have given the ultimate sacrifice to keep us free. Unfortunately the political system is such that our enemies could get from the ballot box what they failed to win on the battlefield.

The Red Chinese, in part unwittingly, have provided the fuel to bring down Trump with this pandemic. Let’s hope that the Democrats are not put in power so that they can give the country to our enemies. Kamala Harris already has a bill in the Senate to force people to stop connecting China with the pandemic. Would you really expect anything else out of her or any other far left Democrat?

She could be the next president. Biden is nothing but a figurehead now, and his mind is only going to get worse. I could see him stepping aside or getting removed within a couple years in office because his dementia as gone too far. Let’s pray that it does not come to that. Do you duty this November. Get out and vote and urge your like minded neighbors to do the same.

I doubt China’s involvement is “unwittingly.” I suspect that they are neck-deep in this whole thing, realizing that cratering the U.S. economy is the ONLY way to get rid of President Trump who has been a thorn in their sides since his election. Democrats are KNOWN to cozy up to communists whenever possible.

The only reason I wrote “unwittingly” is that I don’t believe they created this virus in the lab. After it became a reality, they did do what they could stop the spread of it in China, but they let their citizens fly to the rest of the world to spread it. I have no doubt about that.

They lied about how contagious it was and how it could be severe. In that case, they about as close to conducting germ warfare as they can be without doing it outright.

I have developed a white hot hatred from the Chinese Communist Party. When they say we are headed toward a Cold War with them, I really don’t care. They are as bad as the old Soviet Union was under Stalin.

I would love to have a little to do with them as possible, and I wish the rest of the world felt that way too. That way they could have their “pure Communist System” where they could be self-sufficient. If that happened, I predict they would be in the crapper within a decade. The communist / socialist economic model does not work, but you can’t tell that to the leadership of the Democrat Party which is now run by socialist zealots.

There is no unwitting about it. In 2015 shitstain obama paid the Wuhan lab 3.7 million dollars to develop this virus. The communist Chinese and democrats entered into an alliance to destroy this nation.

I wish you could prove that. The Socialist Democrat Party needs a major reset in the form of a total drubbing at the polls. Even you prove it over half of the young people will vote for them. Like my nephews, they are programmed robots.