O'Reilly: Biden is Toast

O’Reilly: Biden is Toast

On Wednesday’s No Spin News, Bill declared that this week’s inflation news signals the unofficial end of the Biden administration.

No Spin News - April 13, 2022

Joe Biden continues to push America further into an economic disaster, Where did he go wrong? Biden isn’t the only disaster in his administration, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is stumbling and making things worse for Americans. Plus, Final Thought: Virtue Signaling

As president, Biden still has a lot of power.

One of the powers the most people ignore is that Biden can ignore the law. Congress has passed immigration laws, but Biden has ignored them. He can keep doing that with any law he chooses until Congress decides to impeach him. Then it’s a long, drawn out process, and if he is convicted, we get Harris.

Congress can pass the laws, but it’s up to the Executive Branch to enforce and execute them, and Biden has shown that he, or his handlers are almost totally above the law.

The Democrats hold almost all of the cards until January 2025. This is why selecting a president is serious business, and we have not taken it seriously for over a decade.

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Can’t agencies refuse to obey illegal orders?

This has been under talked about I think a new tradition to defying to step down on January 6th will happen right, and I think this time it will be a lot more people is DC is a liberal hell hole. So that’s a fun tradition like hunting for Easter eggs my 4 year old and me did that today. January 6th will be the day in which we hang politicians we don’t like and use brutal mobs to intimidate congress from turning an election. Were all thinking it I’m just the only one saying it.

Most of them resigned under Trump the idea of not getting paid sucked too bad. A lot of the EPA resigned under Trump so that’s what will happen. Can’t wait for the whole system to lose its legitimacy all it would take is a few coordinated wealthy types.

Isnt that a sort of a slap in the face to GOP voters? After all, we choose our candidate.

Right, the people choose Biden, they unchose Trump. He did set a new standard where violence likely dictates second terms invoking competing electors and such. Were in the days of Andrew Jackson. Do you like spiders mashed on Milquetoast?

Nope, no slap in the face, @Knight_Templar. All I said is that Biden can ignore the law, and Congress can try to set the limits. I have no doubt that the Republicans will impeach Biden if they take control of the House. But like I said before, there are serious limits to their power.

You may not like this, but Biden, or his handlers (more likely) are as arrogant as Richard Nixon who saw himself as “the sovereign” and above the law.

a recent lesson with two very recent impeachments you’re gonna need 60 of your own. With 7 Shameless democrats a hard task. By the end of it the whole army might be trans. Our official language will be Dutch, healthcare won’t be free only mandatory, and there will be 7 new religions fighting over Utah.

I thought Bill O’Reilly was busy (edited by FC) in a basement somewhere.