Other States Look To Texas For Advice On How To Get Democrats To Leave

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This is funny, but … seriously, wouldn’t we all be happier if all the conservatives moved to certain states, and all the liberals to the remainder.
Then we could each do what we liked in our own states.
Even better, a peaceful separation, two new countries, both relieved of the burden of having to play (failed) policeman of the world.

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I wish we could send all of the Democrats to California. Then all of the cancer would be concentrated in one state, which would a big plus for the human condition.

The Democrat leadership brings nothing positive to the debate about the problems we face. They want money and power over people, not solutions.


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I guess they’ve got California and Oregon and even Washington state. Or the western halves, anyway. We really want ‘county preference’ when the big split comes … no reason to go along rigid state lines. And we do need a corridor to the Pacific.

A shame. Those are beautiful states. I grew up in Texas, and when I first visited California … whoa, paradise. But that was sixty years ago.

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I know. Why couldn’t the dems have moved to nevada.

Why not Cuba? And the Cubans who love America could move here.

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Yes, AOC would be happier in Cuba. They have her kind of government, and since she would be among the elites, her lifestyle would not affected.

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It’s quite interesting: the DSA was founded by anti-Communist socialists. In fact, one of their ideological mentors, Max Shachtman, supported the attempted invasion of Cuba at the Bay of Pigs.

But it’s hard for people to resist the social pressure of their milieu, and over time, the DSA has moved to becoming apologists for Communist dictatorship. Although they are sometimes sneaky about how they do that, as shown here: {https://www.nationalreview.com/corner/cuba-and-the-democratic-socialists-of-america/]

In fact, there are a handful of people in Cuba who consider themselves socialists, who are not supporters of the dictatorship, and who got pretty angry with the DSA for its Castroite turn. But most socialists will, in the end, support the regimes which have actually implemented socialism, even while they claim that ‘real’ socialism requires democracy. You can read the Cuban socialists’ protests here: [ https://newpol.org/an-open-letter-to-the-democratic-socialists-of-america-dsa/ ]

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There is a fundamental split in humanity:

  1. People who believe that the ends ALWAYS justifies the means.

  2. People who believe the ends justifies the means ONLY in situations of actual survival;
    self defense, wars which threaten national survival, for example.

99% of radical leftist revolutionaries are in group 1.


It’s an interesting question. If you want to see a revolutionary Marxist analysis of this issue, look here: