Ottawa Protests is a test of Democracy

Between the bank account freezings, the emergency powers, and calling critiics “terrorists”, this all escalated in ways I didn’t predict.

I saw a rational pointing out that Canada simply isn’t used to large protests (and I use that term loosely, it’s like 8,000 people) and that they’re panicking in the middle of knowing how to respond to it.

This is a dark time for people who aren’t slaves to liberal ideology.

The Canadian Prime Minister has proven himself to be a true fascist. May he be sent to the private sector forever.

In Red States you can run over people blocking the street to protest, In Canada the government has to remove them you can’t just slam your jeep into them. They’re crying about a mandate no longer in existence. Canada doesn’t have a true right to speech Hate speech is illegal. I’m a 1st absolutist, so I don’t think a single person should be arrested for words period unless ya know exigent circumstances like faking having a gun lying, threats of violence, blackmail, bomb threats, defamation, extortion, claiming false rape etc. This is Canada is anyone really surprised the conservative government under Stephen Harper arrested tons of non violent protesters during occupy.

Might I add that even conservatives there hate this approach the truckers took shutting down international trade making it a nightmare to live in 3 cities stopping all transport. It’s unlawful to block an intersection in every state. 65% of Canadians think the Truckers needed to be locked up and they waited 3 weeks.

Are you suggesting they’re being rounded up to be killed? Really does everything the right doesn’t like suddenly become the holocaust?

That goes both ways my friend

I know that’s actually true. It’s tiring. Honestly if Canada started killing people they simply disagreed with I’d join other like minded Americans and defend them, no matter if they were left or right.

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People really need to understand the term “astroturf”. This is Tea Party 2.0, so to hell with them.

And in case anyone is wondering:

So like I said, to hell with them. They support Blue Lives - you reap what you sow.

No, but they are having bank accounts frozen, and Trudeau activated emergency powers that circumvents Parliament for 60 days.

That does look extreme to me. Not liking the people or their cause, doesn’t justify capricious uses of power.

Where is this happening and not being prosecuted?

There was nothing Astroturf about the Tea Party, so BS.

I’ve been seeing a meme that claims there was a more serious and violent issue going on in Canada where the government did not use these powers. I’m not sure how to look for it. Have you heard anything about it?

Now that is lefty rhetoric in its purest form.

Online Sex workers have this happen here in the US. Drug buyers have this happen. Hey sometimes people transfering crypto trigger a freeze. I’ve delt with paypal freezes because someone complains on ebay. What part of shutting down international trade sits well with you is that legitimate discourse? If a bunch of pro immigrant groups shut down the border to let many as possible cross how would that sit with you?

South Dakota the pipeline protesters.

It was bank rolled by big donors not organic. This actually might be organic despite the bank rolling to get people to do something this stupid they have to believe.

We’re talking about people who are protestors, and having their accounts frozen for being protestors.

You can’t justify that, nor can you equivocate, as there’s no pre-existing law in Canada against protesting. It’s the Government playing dirty with its own critics.

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North Dakota, if the pedestrian strike was unintentional, and they didn’t pass it.

I have not.

Did the government mandate that truckers have to truck? I thought occupations in democratic society were voluntary. Unless they have a fresh batch of truckers to take their place immediately, perhaps Trudeau shouldn’t have mandated that healthy people have to get an experimental vax.

Now if they gave all these truckers check ups and found some or all of them to be obese, I could see the gov recommending vaccination but mandating it? He’s going full Biden

Blocking international Trade. I have a friend doing 5-20 years for protesting a pipeline cry me a river. She set fire to 5 drilling machines worth less than 1/1000th of the trade blocked. Google how many on my side are doing times for acts of conscience. Free the water protectors and nonviolent anti-fa members and I’ll understand where you are coming from. Blocking a port of entry is a crime in every country. They knew what they were up against and they decided to make an example like January 6th and the Portland Courthouse, as well as the water protectors. She was with us in kalamazoo when line 5 sprung a leak.

Alaska think about how bad you feel about nonviolent water protectors non violent anti-fa (not the violent ones) doing time and thats how we feel about J6 Picketers (non violent) and The Freedom Convoy until you have sympathy for ourside it’s hard to have it for yours we understand where you are coming from because it happened to our people.