Our bases are under attack in Iraq by Iran

Now we need to retaliate and make it hurt.

Ain Al-asad

They now say 10 rockets have hit the base.

If no injuries or significant damage…laugh it off and call them inept

If there are causualties or significant damage…unleash hell.

AND……. tell Dems…our troops are under attack…you now are either with us…or with Iran. Put Dems on notice

no casualties.

No doubt Iran is trumpeting their “great victory” to their people…

oh yes, they are… they report multiple military casualties and extensive damage.


Trump kills their terrorist expert and simultaneously gets them to show the world how inept their missile targeting system is while getting the entire Democrat Party and all of their propagandists to expose themselves as anti American/ pro terrorist scum!

I love this President more every day! I have often said “I wish I had not voted for some politician” but this is the first time I have been saying “I wish I had voted for this guy”; following politics has gone from frustrating to fun for 3 years now!

Their missiles have shot down Israeli F-16s. Those things are harder to hit than buildings.

I think they’re doing the same thing Modi did in “Bombing” Pakistan; creating an illusion of a counter-strike, while making it functionally inert to avoid a true escalation.

A more substantive reaction will probably come about in Saudi Arabia, or through more attacks in shipping. Soft targets that we Americans don’t really care about, and which they feel they can get away with.

LOL. “Their missiles” shot down ONE F16 in the Baka’a Valley about 20 years ago or so. At the same time, the Israeli F16s shot down 84 Syrian MIGS.

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When was this?

February 2018, Syria is “credited” with it, but they did it with Iranian provided material and personnel, while the F-16 was attacking an Iranian-built drone base.

So…Not for 20 years like Pappadave said :rofl:

Their missiles. Like I said.

I’m unaware of any February 2018 shoot-down. The one 20 years or so ago WAS with Iranian-supplied missiles, but in Syria…the Baka’a Valley as I said.

All I can say is this is news to me, and I listen to the news regularly. But a search revealed a lot of credible hits, so I can’t argue. But two things I can: You said “F-16s” plural, and I’m only seeing one; and you said it was with “missiles,” and I’m only seeing “ground fire,” which usually indicates AA guns.

I’m not aware of that, either. In fact, the only Bakaa Valley action I’m familiar with is the 1982 war, and no F-16s were lost in that; just an A-4, an RF-4, and an AH-1. One F-16 was reportedly "badly damaged by ground fire, and an F-15 was “damaged by parts from an exploding MiG” (probably F.O.D. in the engines).

The Israelis themselves said it was an S-200. 27 missiles were fired, the other F-16s avoided them, one did not.

They considered it likely that the missile the F-16 was hit by was this one.

“Sayyad” in Arabic translates as “Mister”, by the way.