Our driveway is getting paved today

Our drive way was getting so bad, that my car would bottom out when I drove in the ruts. A few weeks ago, we got 3 different companies to give us quotes, and we went with one of them. The guy stopped at out house yesterday evening and asked if he could start today.

Can’t wait for it to get done. They are gonna rip out the old crap & recycle it, widen the drive way, prepare the base, and lay down 2 1/2" of asphalt & compress it down to 2".

Wish I could afford to do that! Mine is just dirt. Of course, I’d be happy to level it out and put limestone screenings on it, too - that’s almost like concrete.

Yeah, the only reason we can get it done is because we got a good tax return this year.

Make sure the base is compacted good! Your typical highway has 6" of compacted stone. 6" large aggregate asphalt and 3 1/4" of regular asphalt. You’ve seen how some of them look, it’s mostly because of the base below going to hell. At 2" finished thickness, never, ever let a concrete truck or any large truck on it. It’ll go to crap quick.

I need mine done in a bad way, but we’re remodeling the kitchen.

I had mine done last fall, I went two passes (for 5 inches compressed to 4) because I have big rigs on it regularly.
We had been getting by with dirt for 17 years so the new still has not worn off for my wife, she loves not having the dust and mud.
Money well spent.

I got someone to do my dads drive last week. 1200 sq ft of concrete 4" thick, # 3 reinforcing steel on 18" centers. The man did such a good job he’s already gotten additional work in the neighborhood.

This reminds me that I need to have 8-10 tons of gravel put on my drive.

If your near Fresno I have a transfer dump with spreader chains sitting in my side yard.

Thanks for the offer but, I’m in IN. However, I live close to several quarries here in limestone country.

Well your colts won today, so did my niners but I think I will have to wait longer than you for the next one.

get some recycled concrete, as effective as crushed limestone, but a lot cheaper.

I have a driveway. The ants love it and their War Department the Fire Ants love it even more. The peaceful ants build their underground tunnels under it and use the few cracks in it as entrance doors to their lairs. The Warriors (Fire Ants) go for the edges and pile up huge mounds of finely chewed sandy material. I give them Ant Killer Stuff by the cup-full and they go away for awhile, then later reinforcements arrive and the war continues. :biggrin:

I usually buy mulch at Lowe’s by the bag @ $3 per blessing. My wife said, “Its cheaper by the yard”, so I made the deal for 4 yards of hardwood mulch at $25 per yard, plus $20 delivery charge plus tax. $128 for the total blessing, which now sits at the end of my driveway.

Its natural hardwood mulch, no dye in it, nonetheless I laid down a tarp but even then had significient over-lapping-spillage over the tarp edges (4 yards of mulch is a lot of mulch) I’ll probably end up with some stains on the driveway, but thas’ok.


How is your driveway coming a long ? Whats the latest ?


They’ve ripped out the old driveway and dug down something like 10" - 12", made it wider, and laid down lots of fill or base or whatever you call it. It’s settling now, and we’re expecting them to pave it in the next couple of day’s. Even now, it looks great; better than before.

Man, with a 10" to 12" dug out base you ought to end up with a foundation solid as a dollar. (Solid as a dollar !! Did I really say that ? :biggrin: )

Let us know how it ends up.


If they don’t do ya a real good job, some of us will go up there and help you whip their a$$ real good. You run 'em down, and I’ll pound on 'em :wink:

Cool, thanks for the support.

The paving guy called this morning at 7:00 ans asked if his crew could come today and pave the driveway. He’s supposed to be there late morning (i.e. around an hour ago). Can’t wait to get home tonight.


There is something about home improvement that warms the heart. I know I get a big kick outta doing something that improves my home or yard and I think thats true for all of us Family men. Makes the female of the home happy too.

I’m highly territorial anyway, like the lions that roam around scenting the borders of their own territority. :biggrin:


Personally, I’d rather be independently wealthy and pay someone to fix things. Help the economy out, that kind of thing.

Yep, I built these book shelves myself earlier this year.