Our Electorate


I have been pounding on our electorate for a long time. Fingers can justifiably be pointed in many different directions for the predicament we are in, but in the final analysis, it is America’s electorate who are asked to sift through the political fog and decide who among our citizens seeking office offer the best solutions and best outcomes.

As of July 18, 2016 all one needs to know in order to gauge the quality of our electorate is that Hillary Clinton, in spite of years of incompetence and on-going corruptive stench, still leads her Republican opponent in nearly every swing state, as well as virtually every nationwide poll, and Barack Obama’s approval rating has now risen to 56%, in spite of monumental policy failures both at home and abroad.

Facts and reason appear to offer no antidote to those immune to the effects of both.


Obama '08 - ok, willing to forgive, he was seemingly articulate, did not shuck and jive, and promised hope, you took him at his word and all of us down the road of life have been sucked in on some scam and sleazy deal

Obama '12 - NO cannot forgive you for voting twice, how stupid do you have to be, not a promise came true, transparency was nonexistent and if his lips moved he was lying, IRAN, do I need to say anymore

Hillary '16 - How stupid can you can you be, her like Obama are losers in life, I doubt either one even has enough credits to draw SS, her, she said she if “Fighting for you”, yea, THINK Benghazi, she was fighting for them too and life long scandal and failure, in fact if you can name any positive success either her or Obama have had you get a chance to spin the cash wheel…