Our Justice Department, marijuana, illegal entrants and adhering to our Constitution


BS. I DID read it, and regardless of who originated it, it’s a screed favoring legalization of pot, which is WHY your site cited it.


No, you didn’t, hence why you acted as if it was just the site saying it.

You’re just scoffing Dave, because you don’t like the idea that maybe you were wrong.

That you’ve been judging things the same way the Left Judges guns; by the worst cases, not the norm, and with an overindulged sense of what prohibition can do.

Statist impulses, are for people who don’t understand the practical limits of law. Because all they see is their own good intentions.


You mean like how the left is intent on disarming Americans or EVERYTHING they do “for our own good” like limiting the water we can use to flush toilets? Or maybe YOU claiming that everyone from every s**thole country has a “natural right” to come to the US and screw up THIS country like they did their own?

Pot is a scourge. It most definitely IS a “gateway” drug that eventually palls on many users, encouraging them to try something different for a better high. I NEVER arrested a druggie with ANYTHING–heroin, cocaine, meth, “magic mushrooms,” or even LSD–who didn’t ALSO have at least SOME pot. Not once. That’s not a coincidence.


Sure, I’ll buy that. Micromanaging impulses of society quite clearly exist on the Left, Progessivism is the poster child of that, along with their biggest boondoggle; Prohibition.

No Dave; immigrants are a self-selected group, with the highest instance of Conscientious of people from their country.

This is why immigrants from the former Eastern Block are highly productive, while culture in the Eastern Bloc is obsessed with Government benefits, even to this day.

The immigrants had personality traits that made them eskew their own culture in several respects. Personality traits that pushed them into being immigrants in the first place.

And you can’t force it out of existence. That’s the reality we live in.

It can be grown, anywhere, farmers will literally grow it, when nothing else will.

The information how to grow it is everywhere; if you have an internet connection, it only takes 10 seconds for you to learn how to grow pot.

The equipment to grow it is ubiquitous; you gather up the necessary parts on EBAY. And no one will be the wiser.

There is no expectation of enforcement, no expectation of control. You can regulate it, but you have no means to force it to stop. And trying to force it to stop, creates other problems.

Deadzones of enforcement, a revenue source for Cartels, communities completely alienated by society, rent-seeking police departments looking for Federal grants. These are the cons to War on Drugs, and they aren’t worth it.

Technology has taken away the ability to prohibit pot, just as it has taken the possibility of gun bans away from the Left.


Yet I remember when pot use was NOT “ubiquitous” in the State of Texas because the old penal code provided incarceration anywhere from 2 years to LIFE IN PRISON for possession of any usable amount. Almost the very DAY the penal code was changed, pot BECAME “ubiquitous” in Texas.


Technology; I rest my case. There is no capability to enforce this. No more than the left could realistically enforce a gun ban. And guns are far harder to make & hide, than marijuana.


Nonsense. I can make a pistol in my own garage with just a few of the scraps I have there as we write this.


Back in the late 1950s early 60s, I converted a six shot cap gun into a 22 six shot zip-gun. The only technology needed was soldering lengths of a car antenna into the six shot chambers of the cap pistol, and sharpening the guns hammer so it struck the 22 short on the rim.



And you need to know how to handle metal to do that.

All it takes to grow pot, is to plant a seed, and pour water on it. No training, no specialized skills are necessary.
Which means more people can figure out how to do it; if they didn’t already know how plants grow.


BS. I learned years ago that the sure-fire way to kill a house plant is to give one to my wife. It will NOT survive her tender ministrations…period.


BTW, anyone interested in learning how to make a gun, I suggest you pick up a series of books called “Foxfire”. The series contains all sorts of good information about how our ancestors did things…from finding plant medicines to making a rifle to building a log cabin.


With a router, drill and vise you can make an AR-15, “Glock” or “Sig” using an 80% machined receiver and other readily available parts. It’s all legal (except California and maybe one or two other states) as long as you NEVER sell it. A high skill set is not required.


And still , more skill, and more equipment is required, than to grow pot.

Pot scales far better in terms of cost, and requires less skill to make.

Equally, the same democratization of technology that makes home-gun manufacture possible, also impacts drugs.

With 3D printers, it’s not just MJ, all sorts of designer drugs will be impossible to control. In many ways, they already are.


A pot plant is ALSO infinitely easier to destroy than a firearm. Just rip it up by the roots and burn it. Can’t do that with a gun.


That’s easier than finding it to begin with. Pot is a lot easier to hide.

And it’s not the destruction you want to control, it’s production, and the fact remains:

You can’t control the supply of guns, even if you wrote laws on it, those laws would fail.

Pot is easier to make, thus, those laws fail the same way. You don’t have control. Power has limits.




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