Our Prez...what a role model!


I wonder why America has not seen this photo-op… Classy, eh? I wonder what the czareena thinks of this…or maybe she sucks on them too.



Alert the Press!!! Obama is a human!


He’s done a good job keeping the bad smoking habit out of the public eye. I wonder if public opinion would be changed at all if they saw him smoking more often.


I don’t care if somebody smokes and I don’t care if they don’t. It’s not my concern or business what an adult chooses to do


He can smoke all that he want’s provided that he is offered no special privelages over other smokers.


Even his MSM minions have that his smoking as well as his actual record out of the public eye.


I don’t care either. My point here is that BO (like most politicians) is acutely aware of his public “image”. He, like other politicians, try to portray themselves as something that they are not. I don’t care if he or any other person smokes from every orifice of their body. My point is that his megalomaniac need to appear “divine” just doesn’t match the reality–like many others. Now do ya get it??


[quote=“WhoIsJohnGalt, post:3, topic:37174”]
I wonder if public opinion would be changed at all if they saw him smoking more often.
[/quote]I think so. Young people think he’s kool . . . and smoking in their eyes is NOT kool. (Disclosure: I smoke . . . guess young people think I’m not kool . . . which is OK, 'cause I don’t think many young people, with the exception of my kids and my grandson of course, are kool either.)

Anyway, yes, I think public opinion on the moron would change . . . at least maybe he would lose the support of some young idiot voters who base their vote on whether or not a politician is “kool”. Certainly not enough to make a difference in an election (which, thank goodness, BHO will not likely be in again . . . unless he runs for a third term, a whole 'nother issue.)