Our status under Obama


This pretty much describes the state of the citizens of this country due to ObamaCare and the rest of the policies of our despicable emperor.



Been watching a bit of Braveheart recently? haha, excellent movie, btw.


I’m honestly tired of that man. He has no clue to what he is doing and he’s basically ruining our economy. What an idiot. He’s ruining America.


who? william wallace?


No Obama.


I know, I was kidding. He has made, in my opinion, numerous errors of judgement that have in many ways exacerbated the situation, lengthened the time of recovery, put us at a disadvantage, in a weaker state of being, and with a bleed ulcer of a debt that will take DECADES to clean up. If not an entire century.


Lolz at the avatar


Okay lol. I suspected you were. I agree completely. Have you seen the debt? 16 trillion? I can’t believe it. It was 5 trillion in 2000. My goodness. Yeah my avatar is funny lol. I was trying to get one but I couldn’t find any sites that allowed me to so I have to download an app.