Out door projects

I am a DIYer and I enjoy watching those types of shows on TV. However, I sometimes wonder if any of these designers even think of practicality when they do a yard over?

I see landscaping put it that looks like it will need a lot of upkeep and maintenance to keep them up. I think that they do not take in consideration how hard it is to keep weeds out of some of these elaborate plans of theirs or if you can remove snow or mow these areas.

Then too, I see these landscapes put in that I believe will never be kept up by the home owner because they did not do it before.

On a separate note I have heard that when we see some home being renovated by some show that it really is just going to be sold and not lived in. I do not mean those who come out and say it at the beginning but those who have an ulterior purpose for the whole thing.

Your thoughts?