Over confidence among Republicans

It seems like every conservative pendent is talking about the “big red wave” that is coming in the fall elections. Yet, if one looks at the polls, it doesn’t look that way.

For the generic ballot of the Republican versus Democrat, the Republicans now hold only a 3% advance, which is in the margin of error. In others words, it’s a dead heat. In the Georgia Senate race Hershel Walker is 4 points behind Democrat Warnock. Warnock has voted 100% for the Biden party line. One would think that he would be in trouble given that record. In the Governor’s race, Stacy Abrams is making it close although she should be getting a good part of the blame for driving the Major League All Star Game out of Atlanta last year.

So where is “the red wave?” Could all be in our minds?

Biden is deeply unpopular, but it doesn’t seem to spread to the House and Senate politicians who support his agenda.

One thing that has always worked well for Democrats is that they promise people to give them something for nothing. Holding down a good paying job is attractive to many, but sitting on you butt and getting a government check is easier. Could that be what is attracting Democrat voters now? The Democrats in Congress are certainly supporting that position by voting for hundreds of billions in runaway spending.

Free child care! Free prescription drugs! Free money because of Covid! Get out of jail free cards if you get arrested for wrongdoing! Tax “the rich” and big corporations! YOU are entitled to these thing because YOU have been a victim. Don’t be too ashamed to take it because YOU are “entitled.”

It looks like this strategy is selling well. The “red wave” might be no more than “the red ripple.” Don’t assume that Biden’s bad performance will rub off on other Democrats. The “entitled people” are always hoping that the next Democrat will get the welfare state right THIS TIME. It’s an illusion, but that’s what gets them to vote for the Democrats.

It’s worked since 1932, and it’s working now.

Walker is a special case, he’s a worse candidate than most and makes it painfully obvious. I would not be surprised to see Kemp win and Walker lose.

I think most people blame Kemp, as they did it in direct response to his actions. The cancellation of the Music Midtown Festival in Atlanta this year due to gun laws is also a cause for concern for Republicans there.

I was pretty worried about the red wave, until Roe V. Wade was killed. That was an inflection point in the polls that seems to have simultaneously motivated Dems and alienated pro-choice conservatives.

I have no real idea as to whether or not the red wave will happen, but although the polls for the particular races seem to be all over the place, the polls for the issues I understand are still showing the economy to be the big one, and the overturning of Roe is well behind it.

To the point of this thread, polls recently starting to show a weakening red wave and swelling blue support may be more due to issues like Roe overturning. I don’t think the state of the economy has people turning to Dems currently, although things do appear to be getting mildly better (maybe just not worse) in some economic areas so it’s not impossible

In the end, the economy is going to be the deciding factor. Those who believe that a strong economy is important and essential to short and long term prospects for the nation will tend to be red. Those who think that the government should keep them will be blue. They don’t realize that a strong economy is essential to keeping their welfare state alive.

“The right” to kill to your baby when you feel like is going to play a part, but not the deciding part. The loud, boorish left wing demonstrators, like the people camped out in front of the Supreme Court justices houses, can do more damage to their movement that good. My generation learned that during the Vietnam era. Beating a drum and raising hell might feel go, but if you keep it up, you will turn off a lot of people.

You might think that, but it’s not true. Do you want fair elections or not? Abrams and the Democrats don’t want fair elections because they will lose a lot of them, if they can’t use dead people and phony ballots to win.

Do you support voter ID? If you are a Democrat who tows the party line, you don’t. The only reason why you don’t is because you support voter fraud in one form or another. If getting an ID is the problem, Democrats should be making getting IDs easier. Oddly enough, they don’t. The opposite position supports voter fraud.

Do you support one person, one vote? These are reasonable questions, and polls have shown that well over half of Americans support voter ID to prove that you have a right to vote just ONCE.

That’s an interesting comparison, because in retrospect the Vietnam protesters have become the righteous and principled “heroes” of the time. They were the right side of history.

I don’t think it’s necessary and adds extra difficulty to voting, but I’m not totally opposed. The current system with registration is sufficient in my mind. However, if we do get voter ID, it should be for a good reason such as making registration automatic. Every citizen with a social security number gets a voter id sent to them on their 18th birthday, or during the naturalization process for permanent immigrants. Then with everyone registered, make voting compulsory via a small penalty.

Bad idea. Why do you want people to vote who don’t know anything about the candidates or the issues? Could it be that you think that stupid, uninformed people mostly vote Democrat?

Voter ID is fair because forces people to identify themselves for who they are. You can’t rent a hotel room, get medical care and a host of other services without an ID. Why is voting any different?

Let’s cut to the truth. You guys are in favor of voter fraud.

Because perhaps this will drive more people to become engaged with the issues and pay attention.

@Gene, dream on. Did you little professors tell you this in college?

Given what Biden is doing in the U.S. southern border, wrecking the U.S. economy and pushing for excessive spending, which has fed inflation, one would need to be a total ideologue or totally ignorant to vote Democrat.

Seems like abortion access may indeed be a lynchpin issue if Kansas is to be believed

Except for the fact that overturning Roe never prevented them from keeping abortion. The power brokers on the left are trying to make out that overturning Roe meant an automatic ban on abortion, which it never was. I don’t see this vote as telling on whether or not there’ll be a red wave. Not that it much matters, in my opinion; America is going down the toilet no matter what, and I feel a lot better for placing my allegiance and faith in the Kingdom of God. Because mortal man just screws it up.

Yes, the Democrats are lying about the abortion issue. It will be legal in New York, California and every other blue state for the foreseeable future, but the Democrats are running ads here in Florida that say the Republicans are banning it everywhere.

No, but it allowed votes like this one in Kansas to take place. It didn’t ban abortion, but it opened the door to banning it. That’s literally what we don’t like, that banning it is an option.

Yes, how awful it is that the vote of people upsets you so. You think that all laws should be decrees that emanate from Washington, DC, preferably from the bureaucracy if the U.S. Congress will not get into line. The people have no right to oppose that, because the Federal Government is run by “experts” who know what’s best for everyone.

In time, you hope that a world government will take control, run by similar “experts.” By the current trends, that government will dominated by China. Even you admit that the Chinese human rights record stinks. Yet, you want more and more power concentrated in fewer and fewer hands, even if it’s the Chinese

You want socialism, "the dictatorship of the proletariat.” That’s met to sound confusing, but it really isn’t. It means that republican forms of government are dead, and all power rests in an unelected absolutist government. Oh there might be elections, but only one party and one candidate will be on the ballot.

Like I have often said, the “progressives” are not for progress at all. They want to go back to dictatorships and royal families with political power. And why do they think that this is wonderful for mankind? Because the “experts” will be put in complete control, and those “experts” know what’s best for everyone. Everyone knows that colleges and universities, run by “the little (socialist) professors” who are the source of all wisdom and light.

You will learn too late that “experts” with so much power will ultimately do nothing but grab power and resources for themselves. That outcome is unenviable, but you won’t learn that until it’s too late. History has taught us that repeatedly, but your political movement is out to destroy the study of history for exactly that reason. Tearing down statues, burning buildings and looting stores provided entertainment for the rabble in your movement. They were very useful idiots.

This the world you want. I hope you don’t get it.

Never underestimate the mental problems of the american people. If Biden actually did get elected and it wasn’t rigged, don’t be surprised when they vote for more self flagellation.

Since it goes to the people instead of judicial fiat, I don’t see why anyone should have a problem. Unless it’s a minority trying to dictate to the majority.

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I don’t why the “progressives” here are upset with Kansas abortion vote. The main stream liberals are very happy with it.

The vote rejected an amendment that would have given the legislature to pass highly restrictive abortion laws. In other words the issue is still open and might perhaps make abortions in Kansas easier to obtain.

I’m not upset, I’m suggesting that it’s a sign that pro-choice people are highly motivated to go to the polls, which typically hasn’t been good for conservatives.