Who is the owner of this place?

Is RO-Admin the owner?

if so he certainly not interested in this place, no posts since late 2018, last visit was last year.

Last moderator visit was February.

Maybe it is time to give up the forum to someone else who would be here every day?

Does anyone care about this once active forum anymore?

How many members still come here?

Do you want to forum to grow with old and new members, coming here be active daily?

Help me if that is what you want, absente owners and disinterested moderators situation needs to change!

I would like to see some changes, maybe a home page that has some content feeds and the return of the blogs; I am not really sure of the vision since the shutdown in 2016?

Who is the owner?


To get blogs back, requires a change in the forum software, All that cost money for a software license.




I don’t know who the current owner is, Whoisjohngalt was the owner the last time I had communication but that was many years ago.

What about RO-Admin?

Not sure who that is

I am considering owning this forum, for the singular purpose of reviving it, with a better software and better posting rules.

That is why I am looking for the owner, to see if he will agree to part with this place, I have been a member since 2007, thus I know what this used to be like, I want to see it come back to what it was.

Can you ask around to find out who is the owner here?