Pakistan: Bill banning honor killing is “against Islam”


[FONT=&amp]We’re constantly admonished that honor killing has nothing to do with Islam. Then when a Muslim country tries to ban it, that attempt is declared “un-Islamic.”
The phenomenon of honor killing is coming to our countries with the Muslim migrants. The horror of these young girls — terror-stricken victims, who live in homemade concentration camps — is given the imprimatur of the West in its complicit silence. The media goes to extraordinary lengths to whitewash these crimes and disconnect the motive for these murders. The West looks away as more and more girls fall victim to the sharia in the West. The “feminists” look away and pretend that it is outside the realm of women’s rights. They are shills for Islam. Shame on all of you for failing our women, our children, our girls, our very way of life. How dare they throw away our superior culture with both hands.
Pakistan: Bill banning honor killing is “against Islam” | The Geller Report

But yet Christians are told in the U.S. by liberals that we must change our faith to reflect values such as being gay and murdering our young as well as providing birth control.


Based upon everything the Far left says, lets see just how SERIOUS the Far Left REALLY IS?

A person running for POTUS?

The following is WHO he is and HIS credentials:

WHO: Black, Orthodox Muslim, Gay, post-op transvestite

Credentials: Convicted Felon (drug trafficking, child molestation, rape) intravenous drug user, HIV +, Life member Communist Party.


**Bill banning honor killing is “against Islam” **