Pakistan’s ISI funded deadly attack on CIA camp in Afghanistan


For years I have maintained that Pakistan is not a genuine U.S. ally, but is allied with the global jihad force. The evidence for this continues to mount, and the Washington establishment continues to lie about it. “The US administration lied to the American public about Pakistan being a frontline ally in the war on terror even as it funneled $ 7.5 billion in US taxpayer money to a country’s whose military-intelligence establishment was killing American soldiers and spooks.”

I have thought that Pakistan has proven they are not our friend and ally in their seemly ignorance of where Bin Laden was while we spent years looking for him In the mean time we have spent billions to support a government that works against american interests.


Sam; at this point America has no allies, few friends and many many enemies. WE are the laughing stock of the world. N.Korea, Russia, China, Iran, all pretty much do as they please on the international front and we cannot respond.