Palestinian PM warns of cash crisis


The Palestinian self-rule government is in “extreme jeopardy” because of an unprecedented financial crisis, largely because Arab countries have failed to send hundreds of millions of dollars in promised aid, the Palestinian prime minister said Sunday.

The cash crunch has gradually worsened in recent years, and the Palestinian Authority now has reached the point of not being able to pay the salaries of about 150,000 government employees, Salam Fayyad told The Associated Press. The number of Palestinian poor is bound to quickly double to 50 percent of the population of roughly 4 million if the crisis continues, he said.

News from The Associated Press

Lets get real here they need money to buy misiles and weapons in general.


Kinda scary. More poor will result in less stability, less education, less change.


Exactly John. Not saying we should do anything about it though. Not our problem. But they are a fine example of government growing to big for its shoes.


Not to worry, Obama will ride to the rescue.