Palin Holds High Ground Over Harsh and Unfair Critics


Palin Holds High Ground Over Harsh and Unfair Critics
By Ed Koch
Real Clear Politics

Why do I defend Palin in this case? I don’t agree with her political philosophy: She is an arch conservative. I am a liberal with sanity. I know that I am setting myself up for attack when I ask, why did Emile Zola defend Dreyfus? Palin is no Dreyfus and I am certainly no Zola. But all of us have an obligation, particularly those in politics and public office, to denounce, when we can, the perpetrators of horrendous libels and stand up for those falsely charged. We should denounce unfair, false and wicked charges not only when they are made against ourselves, our friends or our political party but against those with whom we disagree. If we are to truly change the poisonous political atmosphere that we all complain of, including those who create it, we should speak up for fairness when we can.

Kudos to former Mayor Koch. It’s sad, though, that his decency should be remarkable!


I believe in the past Koch has spoken up when he saw other instances where the radical left has demonized someone unfairly. In the case now I see republican elites and the left both taking pot shots at Palin out of fear of how she gallivants a crowd and sends a message that is not the same as the democrat lites in congress nor the loony left.


Koch has always been fair from what I know of him.