Palin warns of new era of big government


Republican Sarah Palin said on Friday an explosion of government spending and debt under President Barack Obama and his fellow Democrats had put the United States on “the road to ruin.”
In a tribute to former President Ronald Reagan, the potential 2012 White House contender said leaders in Washington had lost sight of the values that made Reagan a Republican icon and a hero to conservatives – a belief in limited government, low taxes and personal freedoms.

Palin says Obama’s policies have US on road to ruin | Reuters

This nation needs to reign in a government gone wild with spending and lack of self control. As the economy sinks further towards to more people losing everything those in Washington are enjoying a hay day of spending and luxuries while paying lip service to righting what ails this nation.

People need to stay vigilant not only toward democrats but republicans as well who have adopted democrat values.

Sarah Palin has voiced an opinion that is more in line of what people want as opposed to the republican old guard that wants to continue on the course of socialism.

I am tired of the lip service I have seen over many years from politicians who mouth platitudes and feel good rhetoric and tell us the nation needs to reverse the head long rush toward emulating European countries with their failed systems of government.

I want to see a government that is not bent on placing a jack boot on the throats of citizens and businesses all in the name of progress. That “progress” can be seen in countries like Venezuela and others where the citizens are opposed by the government.

We have a constitution here that needs to followed and not used as a rag by the various politicians that have said they support the nation and then do their best to undermine the principles in the constitution.


Please. I see all these comments about how Obama is “BANKRUPTING THE COUNTRY”. We were already bankrupt. You guys on the right should be grateful, you have a scapegoat now…


Make it illegal for public employees to unionize.


Which failed systems of government in Europe? Does she mean Eastern Europe or places like France?


You’re full of it, as usual. Obama is continuing the liberal tradition (although he’s spiked the debt unlike any two Presidents before him, and he’s only been in for two years… Yes, RINOs have been getting in on the spending act in the last few decades, but it’s been a hallmark of the Democrats going back to Comrade FDR.


Yes thank you sir, please triple our problems again. While your at it please increase taxes on businesses to pay for the unemployed so that businesses have to lay off more people to cover it.


Sam, I see that your personal stalker has returned. It’s interesting how Obama/Nebula/Lithium seems to show up on que every time you post something about this stalker-troll’s diety, The Obama.


[quote=“Conservative_Libertarian, post:7, topic:29094”]
Sam, I see that your personal stalker has returned. It’s interesting how Obama/Nebula/Lithium seems to show up on que every time you post something about this stalker-troll’s diety, The Obama.
[/quote]Yeah I bring out the best in some people./sarcasm


I’m not taking the blame from the Liberals or casting it on the Conservatives. I’m just sick of this narrative that the right has going on that implies things significantly changed for the worse, only in the past few years. The fix has been in for a long time, and this theater that you see in Congress doesn’t have as much to do with anything as we’d like to think.

I meant that the people on the right now have a scapegoat to use in their narrative, that has the country being recently ruined and bankrupted…


If there is one thing that I like about Sarah Palin is that she drives Liberals even further over the edge than they already are.


I don’t think anyone denied that Bush was a big spender. But that has nothing to do with Obama being an even bigger spender. With him and the Democrats coming in to office with such a deficit, they should be even more careful with spending. The Bush era is over. It’s time we move on.


Democrat spending under Obama has shown that it did get significantly worse.


We all know what you meant. If you look just a bit you will see that we are all disappointed with Bush’s No Child Left Behind, Medicare Part D and TARP. Yes Bush spent to much money on stupid things, we have freely admitted that time and time again. We don’t want scape goats, we want sanity. Get it through your head that Bush sucked economically but Obama is so far ahead of Bush he can’t even be seen in the rear view mirror anymore. There is nothing to be even remotely happy about our economy being in a shambles and possibly broken beyond repair.


People best listen to this woman. She is saying the things we all need to hear. She is more in touch with main street Americans than most anyone in Washington.
And Bachman and Malkin, too. These are formidable women with more brains than they are given credit for.


Another note is that currently Bush is irrelevant to this conversation (on top of the fact that most have equally complained he was a big spender - including me). Bush isn’t running diddly squat right now.

Also if one were to have actually read the post by Sam one would see Republicans were part of the “narrative” as well. She is calling them out too.


Which is exactly why we need to listen. She went after the corrupt in Alaska,and party didn’t matter. I want her hawking the sleeze bags in Washington whether Dem or Pubbie. Corruption is corruption, no matter who is doing it.


Actually, our level of debt has more than doubled since prior to 2008.

I’m sure that was the change you were looking for. Sane people were not.


Does anyone besides me wonder why Palin, and others, rail against the government, especially Obama, when the government funds used by Bush, and Obama, enriched the banks, the corporations, unions, and Wall Street, while destroying hundreds of thousands of small businesses, yet nary a negative word is said about those who profitted from the spending now refusing to invest in the US economy, and instead investing in foreign economies?


Let’s be clear here:
What funds spent by Palin, Bush?
What others are you talking about?
Are you saying that we should not be critical of Obama’s continuing of the bailouts?

I think most of us here agree that the bailouts were Bad juju.
Many of us have been quite critical of the bailout recipients.


The bail outs were wrong to start with but that is another conversation.

The reason jobs are not coming back right now is that the current administration is still trying to tinker in the private sector. People aren’t investing here because they don’t know what the punitive rules or regulations they will have to contend with are going to be. So blaming the banks is a flawed premise… congress doing things like forcing banks to make loans to people who couldn’t afford them, forcing heathcare rules on small businesses who can’t afford them and punishing anyone who produces anything with eco-nut rules and regulations is what is killing hundreds of thousands of small businesses.