PANIC! (Jesse Watter's Nails It)


I uploaded this video of Jesse Watter’s ‘brilliant’ summary on why the Democrats are in panic mode.
(It’s on twitter but lots of folks don’t do twitter!)

I’m hoping that youtube wont be in a rush to take it down!

If you do nothing else todayWatch This Video!


He’s exactly what WE, the American People, NEED.

He is THE Man for this time.


I do a lot of battle in the YouTube comment space. I notice a lot of people (Democrats would call them sycophants) that call President Trump:

I think it’s way too early to draw that conclusion, but he clearly has the potential to be declared the best president in history if he can continue and

  • avoid starting a war,
  • keep the economy strong,
  • build the wall to end the illegal invasion,
  • get China to sign a fair trade deal
  • and especially, put a load of high-level coup conspirators in prison.

Keeping the economy strong may turn out to be an impossible task. But he gets extra credit if he abolishes the FED.