Panicked ANTIFA Website Deletes Article About Sabotaging Train Tracks


Panicked ANTIFA Website Deletes Article About Sabotaging Train Tracks in Olympia After Derailment

Why do people always scramble to take down what they were so proud to have put up when what they were hoping to accomplish … gets accomplished?:thinking:


I’m going to have to be from Missouri on this one and wait for more compelling evidence before I’ll believe it.


Curious . . . which part, or parts, of this story don’t you believe?







Or this?:

Coupla’ things on these quotes from the article.

Notice in that last quote above that there is only a “serious question about their potential involvement . . .” . . . IOW, the article makes it clear there’s NOT a certainty that they did it.

And on my listing of these quotes . . . it’s not for drama, rather I’m genuinely curious on what you find unbelievable, and why.


Very Well said!


What does “every officer is down” mean?


I was on the section of rail this one replaced on a round trip to the Tacoma area at Thanksgiving on a different train, which reminds me, I want to make a related thread about infrastrcture. What an incredible waste of money.


Me too, the gateway pundit does not have a good track record.


It’s just a case of extraordinary claims could stand to have some extraordinary evidence, and I don’t know how this site gathered what they have. I’m perfectly willing to allow the possibility.


This was wise.

The NTSB took over the investigation on Monday night from Washington State Police and the FBI.

Officials with the NTSB said Monday night that the train was traveling at 80 miles per hour in a zone where the limit was 30 miles per hour.

Golly gee… sounds more like a physics problem to me…


To the few that want to wait on some aspect of the article … What exactly are you waiting for?

No one is saying that this accident was caused by antifa.

What is being pointed out is the way these cowards ran and took down their comments on prior claims that they were responsible for ‘other’ train wrecks!

When this train wrecked they (antifa) was worried that the Crap was about to hit the fan and they had no interest in having the fan pointing in their direction!:joy:


Okay, I think I understand what you and Bobjam are saying now; it was just about unsavory and possibly incriminating (in other cases) comments that they were rushing to remove.