Parents Tasered, Sprayed, Handcuffed—as Kids Watch

Parents Tasered, Sprayed, Handcuffed—as Kids Watch

On November 14, 2014, Home School Legal Defense Association filed a federal civil-rights lawsuit against Chief Sheriff’s Deputy David Glidden and Sheriff Darren White of the sheriff’s department of Nodaway County, Missouri. The suit charges Glidden and White with unlawfully forcing their way into the home of HSLDA members Laura and Jason Hagan on September 30, 2011, in violation of their Fourth Amendment rights.

A child protective services (CPS) caseworker had been inside the home several days earlier to investigate a report of a messy house and had returned for a follow-up visit. When Jason and Laura declined to allow her inside she summoned Glidden and White.

When Deputy Glidden arrived at the Hagans’ home he demanded to be allowed inside. Jason opened the door and told Glidden that he could not enter unless he had a court order.

Glidden said he would enter anyway.

As Jason turned to go back inside, Glidden sprayed him with pepper spray—first at the back of his head and then directly in his face. Glidden also sprayed Laura, who fell to the floor. Glidden then turned to Jason, who was still standing, and shot him in the back with his Taser. As Jason fell, Laura closed the front door. Glidden triggered the Taser three more times through the closed door.

Sheriff White joined Glidden on the front porch. Together they forced open the door and found Laura and Jason lying on the floor. Glidden sprayed Laura in the face a second time while White sprayed Jason and tried to turn him over onto his stomach.

Laura shouted to the officers that Jason had been taken to the emergency room earlier in the week for chest pains. White nevertheless continued attempting to turn Jason over and sprayed him a third time when he was unsuccessful. The officers also sprayed the Hagans’ dog with chemical agent and threatened to shoot it if it didn’t stop barking.

At Jason and Laura’s trial, the judge determined that White and Glidden had violated the Fourth Amendment when they forcibly entered the Hagans’ home without a warrant. “The State has not offered sufficient, if indeed any, evidence of an exception that would justify a warrantless entry,” the judge wrote in his ruling. The case against Laura and Jason was dismissed.

This kind of thing is not entirely unique, though it was more violent than any such encounter I’ve heard of. In the Calabretta case (linked in the previous sentence), the police and social worker did not appeal their losing case farther than the Ninth Circuit Court (which ruled against them). By so doing the case is only binding in the Ninth Circuit, though it can be cited as a precedent in other circuits. The chances this sheriff, deputy, and social worker will lose if they go to trial is rather high; if they do and appeal this new case could become a precedent in that circuit, and nationwide if it is appealed to the USSC.

A couple years after their ordeal the Calabrettas moved from Woodland and Yolo County to Sacramento County. It seems rather likely to me that distrust of Woodland PD and Yolo County DSS was at least a factor in that move. Sadly, the Hagan family may have to do likewise, if only to improve their peace of mind.

This is horrific. More and more, the state and feds are trying to yank children out of the hands and arms of their parents. It seems to me that there is a tendency for the police and child protective services to go after homeschooling parents more and more. And, there seems to be definite reasons for this. Just more reasons to abolish government-run indoctrination camps.

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Hitlery’s “Village” at its finest.


As evidenced by what?

I hope the victims win a bundle and everyone responsible is pointed toward the unemployment line.


Violence from the Justice system without regard for the Rights of citizens will not be deterred by lawsuits, the only thing that these violent criminals with badges and guns understand is violence.

This will become more and more of a common story until the Citizens take their Nation back from the tyranny of the Justice system, from the Meter Maid to the Supreme Court there is not the slightest bit of concern about the Constitutional Rights of the people.


Hopefully this will begin in Jan. of '15, but I’m afraid that all we’ll see is a slowdown of the constitutional shredding, not a stop & reversal.

Many times I would love to be proven wrong, and this is one of those times, but-----!

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Queue the cop apologists in 5… 4…

Most Left Wing comment I’ve ever read on RO–to suggest that rights cannot be secured through legal due process but only through violence. Dunno if it’s that simple, but certainly fascinating to read here!

If you actually are curious, just explore the active cases, cases archive, and legislative action pages on HSLDA’s website.

We’ve been fortunate in this country that virtually all “uprisings” have been handled with minimum expansion of same, but if/when certain factions refuse to allow common sense & law-and-order to prevail, naught is left BUT violence - or surrender!! And in some circumstances,“law-and-order” could very well be on the wrong side; as evidenced by this thread.
Not an optimal choice, but each still would have to determine for himself which is the lesser of the two evils.

fn, G101, perhaps in haste to drop yet another one-liner, acknowledged violence and threats of violence as characteristic of left-wingers. Have a good :coffee_spray: and a good :beerchug: over it!


Yes of course it is.

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Actually, it’s in Obamacare. The feds have the right to enter their homes and same holds true for military families.

I honestly don’t know if police officers are taking advantage of their badge or if it’s just that the few bad apples are all over the internet. I really don’t know. I used to be pro police all the way, two sides the the story, we have months and years to ponder a scenario- they had 2 seconds. But then I read comments from a 27 year police veteran that is being recorded telling someone if he doesn’t let him in the car to search it (illegally) he’ll rip off his head and pooh in his neck. Then that same 27 year vet is quoted saying it was wrong but he would do it again if he knew he was not being recorded. That is a concerning mentality.

I guess I still believe the majority of police officers are wanting to do things the right way but… the new trends are concerning.

That’s an urban legend. Obamacare Allows Forced Home Inspections

That could well be. To be honest there is so much insanity in Obamacare I can’t tell what is true and what isn’t. I have never made the time to read the whole thing. It’s not a document where one could apply common sense.

Oh… one issue. I don’t trust Snopes for anything. They are wrong a great deal of the time. I’m not saying they are right/wrong in this issue, but I put no stock in


Except for heroic actions in serious situations, police officers doing their jobs properly and well aren’t going to make the newspapers or radio/TV news. The same is true of parents, lawyers, bankers, priests & pastors, etc…


I don’t put trust in any website either but it is useful to consider the point of view of those who look into factual claims that are rumored and snopes has been doing a fine job of that for many years. Infallible? Certainly not. “Wrong a great deal of the time?” I doubt it. It’s all about questions of knowable fact. The origins of misinformation and urban legend are able to be tracked and sourced. And in this case the question of fact is about whether or not the healthcare law describes forced home invasions, and alas it does not. We even know exactly where and when that rumor started and it was just a blogger echoing the opinionated concerns of a South Carolina state legislator. Along the way it morphed from a “what if” concern into a false claim about what’s in the law.

We disagree. Historically Snopes has been very left wing. A site such as that should not be a righty or a lefty. They should not be biased one way or another. They have been confronted in the past of intentionally posting incorrect information to further their political agenda. Upon looking at both sides it was clear they did post incorrect info and when the facts were presented to them and proof the new facts were correct, they still declined to correct their information.

That is just isn’t worthy of respect.

The husband/wife team that run snopes are not skilled researchers, they just google information like the rest of us.

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