Parents Threaten to Sue School After Son is Accused of Racism

Parents Threaten to Sue School After Son is Accused of Racism
POSTED 9:56 PM, JULY 16, 2014

MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa — An outstanding athlete and student at Marshalltown High School has been suspended from playing three football games in the fall because his parents say the school misinterpreted a symbol of school pride — as a symbol of white pride.

Now, the principal is accusing the student, Blair Van Staalduine, of being a racist. “We were appalled,” Blair’s mother, Cathy Van Staalduine, said, “We were appalled and so was he. Absolutely. Because the furthest thing from Blair is being racist”

Cathy Van Staalduine says her son was suspended after a picture of him was posted on social media making the letter “W” with his hands. The school apparently thought that was a racist symbol. But Mrs. Van Staalduine says the picture was taken during school spirit week when different grades had to wear different colors.

“The actual school chose the colors that each grade would be wearing. Juniors wore white. So Blair of course being active in the school dressed from head to toe in white,” she explains, “Somebody took a picture of him with his white doing a ‘W’ sign because they were wearing white. Blair says if they were wearing orange they would have done an ‘O’”.

Mrs. Van Staalduine says she tried to talk to the principal and he said she was racist too.

Some accusations are, “Guilty, especially if proven innocent.” This young man and his parents need to withdraw him from that school, enroll him in a private school or homeschool him (protect him first!) and then sue every educrat who made and/or affirmed this ludicrously false accusation. And sue to have all reference to it removed from all school and law enforcement records, with an ongoing indefinite right for the young man, his parents, or their agents to inspect relevant records to be sure references to this are not snuck back into official records.

This one more piece of @#$% on the growing pile of @#$% that I think should have parents of preschoolers considering whether enrolling their children in local public schools might be setting up their children for being abused by the school adminicrats! Good people in PSs need to be supported and encouraged, but where there is real risk, parents should protect their children first.

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This nonsense has spun out of control.

Indeed, these accusations of “racism” have kept it alive . . . kept alive by the very people who claim to want it extinguished.

Is there racism today? Yes, but look in places like, not in schools where it has largely been reduced substantially, if not entirely eradicated.

Of course, those same libs that want to keep it alive, would claim that I was naive, and that it is rampant in today’s schools . . . only in their twisted minds though, NOT in reality.

Is there any upgrade to this story? Were I the parent I would sue the School, the school district, the principal, and any other person involved. And I would sue them until the whole district was broke.

I was once accused of racism by a very influential individual because I hadn’t seen the movie Dances with Wolves. Seriously.

How is this racist again?

[quote=“Washington, post:5, topic:44068”]
How is this racist again?
[/quote] search me. :noclue:

The only problem with “Dances With Wolves” outside of its inaccuracy, was Kevin Costner.

I found this, njc:

Judge upholds Marshalltown FB player’s suspension over W sign
Posted: Aug 06, 2014 12:16 PM PDT
Updated: Aug 06, 2014 12:16 PM PDT

A judge has denied a Marshalltown teenager’s request to temporarily block a three-game football suspension that was imposed as punishment for the display of what administrators called a white power sign.

The Marshalltown Times-Republican reports District Court Judge Steven Oeth on Tuesday denied the temporary injunction request by 17-year-old Blair Van Staalduine.

Sounds like they’re first fighting the 3-game suspension, since its effect is most immediate.

He starred in the Postman, b-grade scifi fair. At the end of the movie, there’s a bronze statue of him riding a horse while delivering mail to a small child.

I picked up the book the film is based on, just to find out if the statue was part of the story (nope).

I think it must have been a contract sweetener to get him to sign on.

That movie got bad reviews, but the critics were wrong about it. I own it. I love inspirational movies.

I can’t stand Kevin Costner. He’s a terrible actor. The only Kevin Costner movie that I thought was pretty good was “A Perfect World”. But, it was directed by Clint Eastwood, not Kevin. He can’t seem to play anything but “Dances With Wolves” no matter what part he undertakes. So, he stinks in most of the movies in which he stars or directs or both.

We’ll I have to disagree with you. The only explanation i can give as to why is that I love his movies.

:rofl: I feel that way about 99% of actors/actresses! One dimensional! Same character - different name. There are very few who bring dif roles/character dimensions/depth to their acting!

On Topic: Wouldn’t this be a defamation thingy? If he has no pattern to racist displays/behavior, then benefit of doubt is his. However, if school and admin have a pattern to this type of accusation, they view things thru a jaundiced eye and the quilt of seeing racism, out of context, is theirs alone.

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A defamation thingy? No. It’s a government-run-camp-of-indoctrination thingy.

Racism should be confined to actual animus to a person or group, not to virtual animus.

Honest to pete, if the subject is too boring and not important to the reader it must be insignificant and you rabbit track to silliness.
Any update to the actual story cited?

I haven’t noticed any deviation from the principle point of the story other than a few comments about “Dances With Wolves” which was a story ABOUT racism.

If I were this kid’s parent, I’d be suing, too…not to have his football suspension lifted, but to have the charge of “racism” expunged from his record and his IMMEDIATE reinstatement–and for as much money as the traffic would bear.

They sued to have the suspension blocked, and they were denied. The school said the student acknowledged that the sign was about white power, and was warned and did it anyway again or something. Student denies this.

Suspended Iowa student seeks injunction in white power sign dispute - Crime & Courts

A photo showing Van Staalduine and other students making the gesture surfaced months later, and high school activities director Craig Huegel testified that the students, including Van Staalduine, acknowledged it was a white power sign.

Van Staalduine denied making the statement to Huegel.

Administrators said swim team coach Mike Loupee had warned Van Staalduine and other members of the swim team after they made a different-looking "W’’ hand gesture.

Van Staalduine said the earlier gesture was for white power, but he called it “something to joke about.”

Lawyer Barry Kaplan, who represented Van Staalduine, said the student isn’t racist, doesn’t bully students and didn’t intend to cause a problem with the hand signal.

“It didn’t cause chaos. It didn’t cause a riot,” Kaplan said.

School district lawyer Sharon Greer noted Van Staalduine had been warned previously.

“You don’t have to show it caused anything,” Greer said. “It’s the potential for a cause.”