Password question

Where the heck is the page to change my password?

Click on your name, then click on your name again, click on Preferences, the page then comes up.

By the way do YOU know who the owner of this forum is, can you help me find him?

I am trying to rescue this forum before it dies from neglect.

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No clue as to ID. I didn’t even know it was a mystery, I wonder why. There is expense in running it, no advertising, no revenue.


Found the page and link. It says reset email sent. Haven’t received it yet. No big deal.


Thanks for the reply, it is indeed a mystery, it is one of the reasons why this forum is barely alive.

Is your current e-mail address the same as the one in your forum account?

Yes, it’s the one I log in with. I was hoping to change the password to something I can remember. I’ll live with the one I have.