Pat Buchanan: Republicans Should Stand Their Ground on Tax Hikes



Buchanan makes several good points:

  1. The Republican House should pass a bill extending all the Bush tax cuts and the payroll tax and send it to the Senate. If the Democrats there don’t want to take it up, they get the blame for taxes going up and can’t blame the GOP for holding the process up (although they will try)

  2. Republicans can’t go into negotiations saying “we have to make a deal” because that puts them in a position of weakness.

  3. Republicans CAN’T compromise on this principle. We’ve already given up on pro-life by throwing Akin under the bus, we’ve already given up on being against amnesty with this new push to legalize illegals. This is the one and only issue all Republicans(neonconservatives, paleoconservatives, libertarians, social conservatives, even moderates) agree on: “We stand for smaller government, less taxes.”