Pat Buchanan 'Utter, foolish untruths' Told By Obama Administration


Ignore Shammity at the beginning. Buchanan is awesome, though.


Obama is responsible for the rioting over the youtube video that no one even knew existed until Obama told the World.
Come on Media Geniuses, tell it like it is, the riots in Lybia and Egypt are revenge for killing Osama, all that followed is on Obama’s head. He told the muslims about a film they would never have known existed if he hadn’t used it to try to cover his own lies.
They were already burning effigies of Obama around the muslim world. That’s a result of his bragging about killing their hero, Osama Bin Laden. The film thing is Obama trying to misplace blame on some unfortunate, not so intelligent soul in California. I’m not sure the whole film thing isn’t part of a conspiracy by the Obama Regime to cover up the truth. The Feds sure stepped in mighty fast. It’s not even the Feds jurisdiction. Wasn’t it a State parole?