Patreon is run by idiots


This is a reading of the transcript between one of the heads of Patreon’s “Trust and Safety” division and one of their creators who is concerned about Patreon’s arbitrary censorship.

I especially love the lines “We can have free speech - up to a point” and “There are different definitions of free speech”
“This is one of the things we do with creators. If they say ‘I’m about to go do this’ we say ‘don’t link this to Patreon’ or ‘don’t say this or this’”.

When people are concerned about your enforcement of unlisted rules and inconsistent enforcement, this has to be the worst possible way to reassure them, as it seems to confirm that the absolute worst assumptions were correct.

I felt like the people running this division were not the brightest, but this was just breath taking. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone basically say “Yeah, everything we’re doing is arbitrary, random, subjective, and changes by the minute” but they do exactly that(as well as concede their entire premise was untrue and they are aware of this fact). I didn’t expect to sit through an entire 30 minute telephone call, but I couldn’t stop listening. The fact that anyone seriously operates a business this way is mind blowing.

For those of you not aware of the Patreon fiasco, it started here

And this twitter thread sums things up pretty well


We were robbed of comedic genius


Sarcasm doesn’t come across very well in forums like this, so I can’t tell if you’re seriously saluting his comedy skills or are being sarcastic.

I have mixed feelings about Alex Jones. He’s way too much of a sensational showman for me to tolerate very much of. And I can’t stand the gravel in his voice.

But I’m totally opposed to censoring him.


Alex Jones is not serious. He says crazy things that he himself doesn’t believe - but he’s also personally kind of nuts as well. It can be fun to listen to one of his tangents for ten minutes.

And his stuff is nothing new. Grab any copy of American Survival guide from the early 90s, and you’ll see all of the same stuff.

Infowars is just Paladin Press for the internet era.


Tangentially related:


Yeah, I listened to over 2 1/2 hours of the uncut stream. I’m actually pretty impressed with Dorsey. He’s aware of pretty much every problem with Twitter - recognizes it’s a problem and is actively planning to solve most of the problems.

I never liked Twitter as a medium, but it’s ironically the best run out of the social media platforms. FB and Google are actively getting worse(especially YouTube).


I don’t “tweet” so I have no idea what Twitter is even doing. I don’t “follow” anyone on Twitter and I don’t post on Twitter either. Neither do I have ANY idea what “Patreon” even is.