Patriot Purge - Tucker Carlson Original Show

Well, I just now heard about this but apparently the establishment has gone berserk. Leftists’ heads are exploding, and even some “conservatives” (supposedly) are angry with Tucker. That means that, much like Trump, Tucker has hit a nerve, and that means that I want to see this show!

Patriot Purge - Three Part Series (I think)

Patriot Purge Part 1
The domestic war on terror is here — and it’s coming for half of the country. Tucker explores how the Biden regime is using the Capitol riots on January Sixth to paint Americans as terrorists. But what exactly happened on 1/6 and how much of what we were told was a lie?


Patriot Purge Part 2

The Biden regime has launched one of the largest manhunts in history. Tucker and his team talk to patriots that kicked in the doors of terrorists that are now having their doors kicked in by the state they once served

I have no doubt at all that the FBI and CIA are doing political dirty work for the Democrats. The overblown raid on Roger Stone’s house to arrest him before daylight, was a prime example. The Government even called in CNN to cover the event. The message was, don’t mess with the Democrats. We will do this to you also.

The CIA charter specifically says that the agency is not supposed to conduct operations against U.S. citizens within the borders of the United States, but they trashed that law long ago.

Carson is right. The Democrats are looking to make the FBI, CIA and any other agency they can find into a domestic “Checka” which will work to keep the Democrats in power and their political opponents off balance.


This is Proud Boy porn. Nothing else.

Are you calling me “a proud boy?” Mr. Australia? I don’t even know what a “proud boy” is. I am 72 years old and have never gone to a racist rally. If that’s what you think I am, the time has come to for you learn a few things about America. It does not fit your Marxist lens.


Right out of the Nixon Paint Drug addicts as criminals playbook agrh filthy dems. Are we gonna have a war on domestic terror now that Rural America is broke? Did Walmart and Target go from pandering to family values then slowly to degeneracy as the cash flow changed hands? Could Trump save you if he wanted to (which he doesn’t hes part of the game)? Is this gonna take off after the J6 gauge the middle dry run? I sure hope not. I mean systematically incarcerating a urban population for a thought offense is one thing but not white America oh my? You can’t tell me this country only cares about who has cash and who it can tax or who it can work for free (Prison)? No sir I am patriotic the Fed won’t be used to demonize a certain lower income group and pit it against law enforcement, why hyping up the demand for said acts. How could it demand acts of domestic terrorism its not like they’re putting muzzles on you and mocking you and riling you up? If this is 1969 (2021) and the war on drugs was declared in 1970 (2020), and the prison population exploded by 20x … half of conservatives under 40 should be in jail by when? It’s not like they’ve been planning this since 1996 waiting for the cash to run out on the right . The first incarnation of the Patriot Act was attempted to be pushed through after Oklahoma.

You all have a right to decide!
Here is Part 1
Two and three come today and tomorrow.

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Do your parents know you have their computer?

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God bless Bitchute, the free version of fascist Youtube.

Thank you for this.

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Yep. They asked me to fix it. Again. What’s your point?

My point is, are you going to only post childish posts or are you going to actually contribute something factual?

We are talking about Tucker Carlson here. The only reason he is still relevant is because he doesn’t masturbate whilst having a phone call with a woman, A guy who had a racist white supremacist as a writer for years and didn’t realise it.

I’m perfectly okay with treating the crap he spews with the ridicule it deserves.

Okay @Fantasy_Chaser

The last time I encountered this sort of (expletive) I ripped someone a new orifice and got in trouble. So, do I have to put up with this sort of childish filth? I am trying to have a conversation with adults, which leaves this person out.

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Everything I said is accurate.

Tucker Carlson replaced Bill O’Reilly (Mr “F*** it we’ll do it live!”). He replaced O’Reilly because O’Reilly masturbates whilst having phone calls with female co-workers.

This is real. This happened.

Prior to that, Tucker Carlson was a wash out who got his backside handed to him by Jon Stewart of all people. That is also real. That also happened.

Tucker Carlson replaced Bill O’Reilly because unlike Bill, he doesn’t masturbate twhile having conversations to women on the phone. That is a clear and accurate assessment.

But you know what I find so interesting? You didn’t quote me on how Tucker Carlson had a white supremacist on his writing team for years and was unaware of it. How about that. I mean, replacing a popular TV host because they are a legal liability is one thing. And make no mistake, the only reason Tucker Carlson has his own show is because he is not as much of a harassment minefield as “The O’Reilly Factor”. That is the only reason it exists.

I’m saying that is a poor reason for it to exist, and there are a plethora of reasons why it shouldn’t.

Finally, I love how you had such a temper tantrum all the while claiming to be an adult. That honestly made my day, and I thank you for your maturity.

It’s obvious that the @Patooka has never seen a Tucker Carlson program. If he had, he would respond with something worthwhile instead of the usual, “He’s a racist” rant which what passes in “Progressive” circles has an intellectual response to any talking point. Once a “Progressive” has labeled an opponent as a “racist” no other information is needed, and the discussion is closed.

Mrs Patooka has half of her family in America. I know more about your place than you might think, mate. In case you are wondering, they live in Spokane and Santa Barbara. (bit of a spread, I know)

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Oh, I have. In Australia the is a cable TV package called FOXTEL. It has the SyFy channel, 3 movie channels, HBO and a few other things. I’ve seen Carlson’s show along with Hannity’s. They are “preaching to the the choir” propagandistic crap. They are the equivalent to Stephan Colbert or Trevor Noah. If that’s where you get your news, then you are extremely ignorant.

I’ve mentioned this before but I guess it bears repeating; the most accurate news outlet in the world is Deutsche Welle closely followed by Al Jazeera English. Not Al Jazeera. Al Jazeera English, and yes there is a difference.

Al Jazeera, the pro Arab, anti-American news network my socialist nephews watch. It was a available here for a while, but failed to attract an audience.

As for your relatives they live in the middle of far-left America. They are obviously you kind of freedom hating, big government people. Are they all socialists like you? Socialism and Democracy are not compatible, but you already know that.

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A lot of things are obvious about him. None of them good.

No doubt. Only a total tool would watch that Islamic Fascist garbage.