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Nope, I said Al Jazeera English. Different network, different leadership and I made that pretty clear. Saying that they are the same is like saying there is no difference between OAN and FOX News.

Not my relatives - my in laws. Like I said, I was referring to Mrs Patooka’s family. Maybe inbreeding is common where you live but trust me, it’s the exception and not the rule. I have to admit though - you casually dismissing over half of your country as irrelevant does imply a lot.

I could say the same about conservatism and common sense. Hey catch phrases are fun! Considering your definition of socialism is, “something I don’t agree with” and your definition of Democracy is, “something I agree with”, then of course they aren’t compatible.

I cannot adequately articulate how comfortable I am that you think that about me.

I guess this bears repeating. Firstly, I pointed out Deutsche Welle and Al Jazeera English as reliable networks for information and I stand by it. For example, when Australia broke their agreement with France in order to get US nuclear subs, every Australian outfit tries to spin so the French were the baddies. Every US media outlet that reported it either tried to make it sound like it was Biden’s fault or that Biden was completely innocent. Deutsche Welle had no skin in the game so they reported the whole thing dispassionately. Also, Germany has some pretty strict laws when it comes to news reporting so every news outlet there has to work extra hard to make sure that what they report is accurate and emotionless. That suits me fine. I am an adult, I don’t need to be told what to think, I don’t need to be outraged just tell me what’s going on and then I’ll make my mind up.

Now as to Al Jazeera English - well, your reaction and SendGop’s reaction is kinda why they are a reliable news outlet. Every conservative media outlet on the planet tries to demonize them and associate them with Al Jazeera proper. They know they have a bullseye tattooed on their back and as a result make sure whatever they report is straight down the line. That’s why when they reported how Australia’s far-right party actively tried to collude with the NRA, they didn’t get sued. Simply put, Al Jazeera English knows exactly how you think of them, and as a result make sure what they report is 100% accurate. Compare that to say Newsmax or OANN, both of whom bent over and folded like bitches the second Dominion started suing them.

Patooka’s hate and perverted posts about masturbation (LINK) and his off-topic rants and his massive amount of lies notwithstanding, the topic of this thread is Tucker Carlson’s documentaries. They are available to view and that is what this discussion is about.

NOTE: Unfortunately the link in earlier posts are not good anymore. Even though Bitchute is a free speech site, they are still bound by copyright laws and apparently those videos did not have permission to be uploaded.

. . . same fascist content, and not the topic of this thread.

You could say it, but it wouldn’t be accurate. To be sure, you can find absence of common sense in adherents to any ideology, but it isn’t conservatives who are dismissing the significance of XX and XY while screaming: “Science! Science! Science!”

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On a separate note, let’s chill the flaming and unsavory references, please.

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Review of Patriot Purge Part 1 – Tucker Carlson Exposes FBI False Flags

Wow. Facebook Fascism right in front of your faces people. Facebook is lying and blocking Tucker Carlson’s awesome new documentary Patriot Purge. Nazi Facebook and the Socialist White House don’t want you to know the truth


Woohoooo! All three parts are now FREE at:.

Tucker Carlson hits back at Liz Cheney, other critics of his documentary Patriot Purge

Another except from the video:
Tucker Carlson Originals: Patriot Purge - Jan 6 Police Escalation Explained

Tucker Carlson Originals: Patriot Purge - Jan 6 Blood Liable Explained

Tucker Carlson is a freaking moron. He can’t even pronounce words right. His show writers are all morons too. And anyone who watches this show is a moron.