Paul accuses Graham of aiding Dems


Paul accuses Graham of aiding Dems - Manu Raju -

Nation building is getting old, Lindsey.

Flashback: Howard Berman reelection campaign gains 2 GOP senators’ support - Los Angeles Times


I can’t wait for that POS neocon to be taken out by a primary opponent in 2014.


Libertarians always seem to hate republicans more than progressiveswhich tells my why they are not worth any serious thought.


Wonder if that has something to do with certain Republicans betraying their principles and siding with the progressives?

At least one group is honest about who they are.


Exactly, and they think Conservatives are fooled by their “explanations” for this.

I am no fan of Graham but the ONLY reason the Liberaltarians attack him is because he is not 100 percent inline with the Demoncrat’s.


New poll out of Nevada today has Obama ahead of Romney by 4 points until Gary Johnson is added in. Then OBAMA’s margin slips to 1.
Tells me all I need to know about Libertarians and wher their real sympathies lie.


These conspiracies about libertarians being closet liberals make 9/11 conspiracies legitimate by comparison.


I’m neither a libertarian nor a progressive. I just hate big government fake conservatives like Graham.


That makes absolutely no sense.


Especially when Paul is accusing Graham of helping Democrats.

RET is very intelligent but is not afraid to alter that in order to uphold his prejudice against libertarians and those that question the Bush doctrine.


Three words: “Gang of Fourteen”.