Paul Ryan introduces traitorous spending bill after 2am in the morning.


See: Jeff Sessions: Paul Ryan’s Omnibus Spending Bill Explains “Why Voters Are In Open Rebellion”

December 16, 2015

” In the dead of night after 2am this morning, Congressional leadership unveiled a more than 2,000 page ‘omnibus’ year-end funding bill which would, among other things: fully-fund the President’s refugee expansion; fully-fund sanctuary cities; fully-fund the resettlement of illegal aliens youth and their families crossing the border; lock-in tax credits for illegal aliens; and quadruple the highly controversial H-2B foreign worker visa being used to replace Americans as truck drivers, construction workers, theme park employees, and in blue collar jobs across the nation.”

This traitorous spending bill cooked up by Paul Ryan and his un-American pals on Capitol Hill is sufficient cause for loyal Americans in the House to immediately challenge Paul Ryan’s speakership. And any member of Congress, Republican or Democrat, which votes to pass this notoriously evil bill needs to be primaried this coming election and gotten rid of just like Eric Cantor was kicked out of the House for his evil doings, but has since been rewarded for his un-American activities with a $3.4 Million Job on Wall Street.

Those of us who warned the “Freedom Caucus” and naïve “conservative” talk show hosts that Ryan was a snake, have been vindicated by this treacherous act of evil. The question is, will any members of the House unite in removing this snake from the Speakership?


Members of Congress who supported Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House supported our Global Governance Crowd and their FAST TRACK, WTO, NAFTA, GATT, CAFTA, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal, all used to circumvent America First trade policies, while fattening the fortunes of international corporate giants who have no allegiance to America or any nation.




Here is another aspect. From Senator Mike Lee:

If you use Facebook– and that’s everyone who sees this post – then your relationship with Facebook will be redefined by the government if the ‪#‎Omnibus‬ spending bill before the Senate is passed into law.
Tomorrow we are scheduled to vote on a 2,000 page spending bill to fund the government through the end of next year. It was crafted in a back-room deal with almost no input from most members of Congress. Because of the “must-pass” nature of the bill, those in the room air-dropped controversial cybersecurity legislation into the bill, hoping no one would object.
If this bill passes, you will no longer have the ability to sue a company like Facebook if they share your personal data in a “grossly negligent” manner. In the past with bills like SOPA, PIPA, and CISPA, when the government tried to strong-arm companies into hostile relationships with their end users, Americans have spoken up to give the companies the encouragement they need to oppose these bills. Those familiar with the fate of these previous proposals know that they never became law. The online community that can be mobilized to protect the carefully balanced relationship of trust that exists between tech companies and their users is strong enough to stop these kinds of bills when the online community chooses to engage.
This is a proposal that benefits big government first by giving the government access to your personal information that you have shared in confidence with private companies like Facebook. The proposal also helps companies like Facebook by eliminating the legal risk to them for sharing the information. This proposal hurts the end user of Facebook’s products by dramatically undermining the privacy of Facebook users through government fiat.
Because this proposal puts Facebook in a difficult position where the law is good for Facebook the company but terrible for Facebook the community, Facebook needs to know that you, the users of Facebook, support them in fighting for your privacy against an intrusive government.
For this reason, I am letting Mark Zuckerberg know that as a United States Senator representing the good people of Utah that I have read this legislation, and I oppose it. We can do better when it comes to protecting the privacy of Americans as we continue to place more and more of our trust in innovative companies like Facebook. I hope you will join me in bringing this issue to Mark Zuckerberg’s attention and also to the attention of your friends and family by sharing this post.
We still have at least twenty-four hours before we vote on this bill. In the past, the Facebook community that follows my page has been able to reach almost 100 million people. Smaller online protests have stopped previous invasive cybersecurity proposals in their tracks. However, in the past Americans have had longer than twenty-four hours to mobilize opposition to these kinds of proposals. I hope you will join me in this effort before we run out of time. ‪#‎StopCISA‬


There are now several influential Conservatives who are openly discussing the dumping of the GOP, Ryan has done a great service in that sense.

I do enjoy when I get moved from the “Extremist” category into the “Mainstream” category though, between Trump and the treasonous actions of the Ryan/McConnell Congress this might be the final days for this apostate Party of Jackals.

Have no fear of what a post GOP America would become, the sky is the limit once the anchors have been cut loose.


See WH Praises Spending Deal With GOP Congress: ‘We Succeeded’

December 17, 2015

“( - The White House objects to a few Republican provisions in the omnibus $1.1-trillion spending bill, but overall, “We succeeded,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters on Wednesday.
"So we walked into these negotiations focused on making sure that Republicans would not succeed in advancing their ideological agenda through the budgetary process, and I think, based on all of the solid reporting work that you have done over the last several weeks, there were a variety of attempts that Republicans undertook\ to try to do exactly that, and we did succeed in fighting off those efforts.”

Hopefully voters will get rid of Paul Ryan this coming election and every Republican or Democrat who supports this plundering of America’s treasury.


***“To lay with one hand the power of the government on the property of the citizen [a working person’s earned wage] and with the other to bestow upon favored individuals, to aid private enterprises and build up private fortunes [Obama’s Solyndra, Chevy Volt, Fisker, Exelon swindling deals] is none the less a robbery because it is done under forms of law and called taxation.”***____ Savings and Loan Assc. v. Topeka,(1875).


CLICK HERE for the list of Republicans who voted for Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House and gave the Chamber of Commerce, the Club for Growth and Obama exactly who they wanted as speaker of the House.


Members of Congress who supported Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House supported our Global Governance Crowd and their FAST TRACK, WTO, NAFTA, GATT, CAFTA, and the Pacific Rim deal, each of which are to circumvent America First trade policies, while fattening the fortunes of international corporate giants who have no allegiance to America or any nation.


Even Rush is saying it’s time:

Rush Limbaugh: ‘Disband the Republican Party’ |


I’m done with being sad; I’m MAD! :angry26:

It’s well beyond having any notion that the RNC is of any use to this country. The sooner they disintegrate into oblivion, the sooner this country might be able to right itself.


So, too, says Hillary Clinton.


Yup, time for the suicide of conservatism.


We don’t need Rush to tell us this, Chuck Schumer and Barack Obama have said it all:

“Senator McConnell wants to see the Senate work, but the good news for Democrats is that to make it work he has to basically do our agenda.”

“If you would have told me this year that we’d be standing here celebrating the passage of an omnibus bill with no poison pill riders at higher levels above sequester than even the president requested, I wouldn’t have believed it. But here we are. This bill is a great victory for the principles Democrats stand for.”

I just got through listening to Obama’s press conference where he praised Boehner, McConnell and Ryan.

To all the Republicans wailing and gnashing their teeth over the increasingly certain Trump nomination they should consider if that they had done their job, honored their promises and represented their constituents, Donald Trump never would have entered the race.


I agree!


Let us not forget this coming election the betrayal of House Republicans and Senate Republicans who voted in favor of Paul Ryan’s Bill to finance Obama’s invasion of our borders!


Here is an excellent article concerning Paul Ryan, see ** Time for Paul Ryan to go**

December 18, 2015

The article begins:

***"Paul Ryan is acting like every Democrat’s wet dream. The massive budget he is shoving down America’s throat is a wish list full of everything the Democrats could possibly want.

o He’s giving $1.6 billion to resettle illegal aliens rather than deport them.

o He is fully funding Obama’s illegal amnesty.

o He is fully funding Obamacare.

o He is fully funding Planned Parenthood and their baby cutting tactics.

o He is allowing Obama to bring in hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees.

o He is fully funding the EPA’s program to shut down coal-fired power plants.

o He is going to add hundreds of billions of dollars to our national debt.

Ryan also went back on his promise to change the process and have spending bills be reviewed in committee, one at a time; this is the same fat huge omnibus budget made behind closed doors that almost no one had read or reviewed as in the John Boehner era. "***

If this little puke is not immediately relieved of his speakership, or primaried this coming election, America will not be distinguishable from the third world dictatorships, the populations of which are being flooded into the United States to fundamentally transform America forever!


The surest way for Obama to accomplish his fundamental transformation of America is to flood America with the poverty stricken and destitute populations of other countries.


Not much hope now, is there? Conservatives unhappy with the reality of Washington politics revolt and nominate an unelectable assclown, who’s so offensive to everyone else that not only does the GOP lose the Presidency, but the Senate as well. What’s the point? What’s the use? If we insist on being self-destructive rather than smart, why should I bother to give a damn?

When neither party controls both branches of government, the system is constructed to force compromise. That’s just reality. If the firebreathers can’t accept that, then the rest of us will need to accept that the Dems will exploit our capacity for self-destruction and reap the rewards. They sure are a lot smarter than we are.


I think you meant to write “The American People are unhappy with Washington politics”.


Our Congress critters horse trade in a manner which impinges upon and destroys our lives, liberty and property for a few donor dollars, and then they go on vacation to spend their loot.


No, I mean conservatives; conservatives too impatient to appreciate how Washington works -and has always worked and been designed to work. The way to win is to combine control in Congress with control of the Presidency. Six months ago we had that within our grasp. Now it looks like we will piss it all away. Our impatience will be our downfall. The Dems play the long game, and we demand our toys and demand them now. Rush and folks like him should be shot between the eyes - their pandering is causing the loss of everything for conservatives.



I actually believe that Trump is one of the most electable of the GOP candidates. At present, he is in primary mode and has proven that politically and tactically he is the sharpest pencil in the box. Even though you loathe his style you must agree with that much. We haven’t seen his general election campaign mode yet but I foresee:

  1. He will not repeat the error of McCain and Romney by avoiding viscous attacks on his opponent and the Obama legacy.

  2. He will appeal to blacks, blue collar and women who have suffered the most economically with his program of bringing jobs home, stopping the flood of low wage immigrants and restoring fair trade.

  3. He will appeal to all voters who want increased national security at home and abroad.

  4. He is pro-life but doesn’t have an albatross of any extreme socially conservative views which are unpopular with most voters and would be a potential focus point for the democrats.

  5. There is almost universal recognition of his ability to succeed at his endeavours.

I would prefer Cruz to be the next president but I absolutely prefer Trump elected president than Cruz nominated president. I would also vote in the general election for Carson or Fiorina but I think their ship has already sailed. I will not vote for Bush, Rubio, Kasich or Paul. Undecided on Christie; I like his style and am willing to forgive some of his past positions. He is, after all, a Republican getting elected in New Jersey; Ted Cruz couldn’t get elected dog catcher in New Jersey.


No, no, no. How Washington works? You can’t get everything with just control of Congress but you can get something. The checks and balances are gone, gone, gone. The Republicans have totally surrendered the power of the purse, advise and consent, and have taken impeachment off the table. There is literally nothing left to surrender. They have given the democrats more than they could have dreamed of. We are, today, a Banana Republic. What reason is there to perpetuate this farce? Even if an Establishment Republican is elected president and they don’t lose the Senate they will still cower in terror from fear of media criticism and democrat filibusters and look only to how to keep on surrendering in hopes of re-election. On election day, I am not wearing a T-shirt saying “Lie to me”; are you?


…and just HOW do you suppose this “Republican” got elected in New Jersey, OD? By being a demagogue and COMPROMISING away any “Republican principles” he may have ever had…if any.


I am not voting for him in a primary. I have disagreements with him on some things. He is a fighter and I would consider voting for him in the general election in the unlikely event that he is the nominee.