Paul Ryan Stepping aside in 2018!


OUtstanding! I’m wondering if it’s sexually connected? I bet something dirty comes out about him. He has proven to be a foul, untrustworthy scumbag if there ever was one.

Drudgereport has a link to the story.


Good riddance


I saw that but like with Boehner, he would not be stepping down unless he was certain that the GOP had the votes to get another extremist liberal in the Speakers Chair


Devin Nunés?

Don’t know much about him, except that he’s from Kalifornia (which may or may not be a plus, depending on your outlook), and he beat that ethics charge, and he is the chair of the Intelligence Committee, and he continually wipes the floor with Adam Schiff (a huge plus in my book).

He could be just another plain vanilla RINO turncoat for all I know, but right now I like him.


Nunes is my Representative, he has a great mom too; I met her when he was first running and Devin called me later at my house. He started the conversation by saying “Hi, this is Devin Nunes and my mother said I had to talk to you immediately”

I cracked up and so did he, but he has been a solid guy for a long while now.

The reason his mother wanted him to talk to me was because of the advice I gave about how Devin should address an “11th hour scandal” that his opponent was trying to hang on him, my advice was quite different than his regular advisors were offering :slight_smile:


Sounds like an interesting story. Did he take your advice?


Yeah, he won his first term in the House the following week and has been doing well ever since; all I advised him to do was not explain or say anything to lend credibility to this crap, just respond by saying “great! If they are playing this card it means they know they cannot defend their political positions or challenge mine”


So waddya think, RET . . . would Nunes be a good candidate to replace Ryan?


Here is a nice summary of Nunes record in the Russia farce from Wikipedia:

In February 2017, Nunes, who served on the Trump transition team, was the first leading House Republican to deny that the intelligence community had evidence of contact between the Trump campaign and Russian operatives.[53] He has rejected repeated calls for an investigation by a select committee,[54][55] saying that the House will not engage in a “witch hunt” and that “at this point, there’s nothing there”.[55] Nunes also rejected calls that he request Trump’s tax returns.[53] At the request of a White House communications aide, Nunes spoke to a Wall Street Journal reporter to challenge a story about the Trump campaign’s connections to Russia.[56]

When Trump’s national security adviser Michael T. Flynn resigned after it was revealed that he had misled the Trump administration about his communication with Russian officials, Nunes said he would not seek to investigate Flynn’s ties to Russia.[57] Nunes said, “From everything that I can see, his conversations with the Russian ambassador—he was doing this country a favor, and he should be thanked for it.”[57]

On March 22, 2017, during the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections, Nunes held a press conference to announce that he had received information that communications of members of Trump’s transition team had been “incidentally collected” by the intelligence community. The communications had been obtained legally during foreign intelligence surveillance, but were not related to Russia. He added that the information was “widely disseminated” in the intelligence community, and later clarified that Trump associates were not necessarily participants in the intercepted conversations.[58] Nunes was widely criticized for sharing this information with the media and the president before briefing his colleagues on the committee.[59] According to Nunes, the intercepted communications came in November, December and January – after Trump won the election but before he was sworn in as president.[60] Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the committee, and House Democratic leadership called on Nunes to recuse himself from the investigation.[6] He also received criticism from Republican Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham.[61] The latter compared Nunes’s actions to those of the comically incompetent fictional character Inspector Clouseau.[62]

In late March 2017, Nunes canceled a public hearing in which former acting Attorney General Sally Yates, former National Security Agency Director James Clapper, and former CIA Director John Brennan were to testify,[63] saying that he wanted to hear FBI Director James Comey and National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers in a classified setting first. Democrats criticized Nunes’s decision and said that he was trying protect the White House from damaging revelations.[64][65]

On April 6, 2017, Nunes temporarily stepped aside from leading the Russia investigation while the Office of Congressional Ethics investigates whether he “made unauthorized disclosures of classified information, in violation of House Rules, law, regulations, or other standards of conduct” [66] in his March press conference.[5] He called the charges “entirely false and politically motivated”.[6] Few days later he said that he would continue to investigate whether Obama officials improperly requested names of Trump transition team be revealed in classified intelligence reports.[67]

McCain and Graham don’t like him, can you ask for a higher recommendation? If only more of the GOP were like this guy! If they don’t make him Speaker I think he would be a great Attorney General. I suppose I am just dreaming on both counts.


I think Nunes would be a big improvement over Ryan, but I doubt the Establishment would ever let him be Speaker of the House.




Thanks for responding.

Unfortunately, you are probably correct. For example, McConnell would definitely go against this.


Uh, I don’t think ANY Senator has anything to say about who is Speaker of the HOUSE.


And there goes hope of FACTA being repealed. He was one of the few republicans that actually cared about a tax law that effected so many individuals.


If you mean that McConnell doesn’t have a vote, you are correct. That’s not what I was saying though.

McConnell IS part of the “ESTABLISHMENT” (which is what RET was referring to), and as a leading member of the swamp critters he WOULD in fact have some influence over that situation.


I heard yesterday that Ryan denied that he was stepping down.