Paul Ryan Working on a Budget That Balances in 10 Years


House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan is working on a budget that a spokesman says will balance in 10 years, according to a spokesman.

“Chairman Ryan looks forward to working with his colleagues to draft a responsible budget by the April 15 deadline. He hopes last week’s agreement helps spur action by his Senate counterparts to do the same,” Budget Committee spokesman Will Allison said. “With the right reforms put in place, Chairman Ryan’s goal is to advance a budget that balances within a decade.”

Paul Ryan Working on a Budget That Balances in 10 Years - ABC News

This is an exercise in futility. Past history has shown that other attempts to balance the budget were quickly thrown aside with the next congress and members immediately trying to void it. This has no hope of getting past Reid in the first place and as in the past when provisions are slated for the future it will be abandoned.


Agreed, but it’s something he can point to and say “Can we start here?”

If nothing else, he can say he tried.


(I guess my post didn’t take.)
Same reaction as Sam: Ryan’s done this how many times now?
He’s beginning to make me wonder if he isn’t a tad insane.


2Cent: What do you think budget hawk means lolz??? Everybody is crazy different! If Paul Ryan wants to sit in his office all day and think up of new budgets, than *** **** he is the hardest working Congressman that I know of. He actually does his job!!!


Apparently, GOP leadership is working on the 10-year budget and asked the GOP congresspeople to vote for the debt ceiling increase in order to get it done, and it would also keep the sequester cuts and would force the Senate to respond.

That is why, if anybody looked at the rollcall, we had hardcore fiscal conservatives voting both for and against the bill. It was a strategy vote.


I hate to sound defeatist, but I just don’t care anymore. It is perfectly clear to me that no matter what happens, if it turns out negatively, the blame will be placed entirely on the Republican Party. With the media being what it is, they will make sure of it. We are a dying party. Soon it will be a single party system. It will be so because the media became one-sided, we became divided, young people were taught socialist ideals, and the cumulative work ethic has been diminished to the give me attitude. I do not see a very good future for conservativism or for that matter libertarianism. The economy is going to tank again, budget or not, and it will be the Republican’s fault. We will lose the political battle again and lose what little influence we have left in government. At this point, friends, unless something big happens, and the media decides to actually report it fairly and without opinion, then we are quite frankly powerless to stop this downward spiral. In conclusion, his budget doesnt mean squat!