Paul touts small government during London stopover


"We have a $20 trillion national debt,” he continued. “We just spent $100 billion in infrastructure in Afghanistan. We sent $15 billion to Pakistan. I want to amend our policies so we no longer send money to countries that hate us. I want the end of providing aid to countries who hate and persecute Christians.” Rand Paul

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I like Rand Paul a lot, though I question his foreign policy in regards to how isolationist he may want to go. He is right though about the disgusting pattern of rewarding nations who dislike America and would do it harm if given the chance, these nations should be blacklisted from American support.

If anyone has been watching the Olympics, there have been multiple cases of Olympians from certain countries who refuse to ride on the same bus as Israeli athletes, who refuse to shake an Israeli athletes hand. If this type of prejudiced attitude is pervasive at the micro level of athletes from some nations, how do we think the government of these nations are any less full of hate? At the Olympics of all events, the celebration of brotherly love and camaraderie.

A strong America means a safe world. This mean reigning in debt, expanding economic and social freedoms so that innovation wins the day. Its time that some of the so-called socially conscience citizens who complain about racial problems, gender issues and environmental concerns start to understand that there are far greater, evil nations out there who do FAR worse domestically and would drag us all down into the gutter with them if they had the chance. They shouldn’t receive a red penny until they alter course drastically and stop persecuting Christians and spreading their brand of hatred that drives them to kill innocent citizens.