Pay-per-view announces tickets for the trump/ cruz fight in cleveland!


Let’s get ready to rumble!
A card of featherweights, I’m afraid. Although I think the TALE OF THE TAPE favors Trump, that Cruz is sneaky, and may come in with LEFT-ists and RIGHT-ists!
I am blocking off the week of July 18-21 for the fight, and hope to be at ringside. (I am afraid Ms BOOM BOOM Larue is SQUEMISH at the sight of blood, so I may leave her in the CAMPAIGN TRAILER, and I will sit ringside with “The Grand Old Man” ,John MCCAIN. I understand he feels a good bloodletting would HELP the GOP ever so much!
Still, I am preparing a tidy sum to wager, but I must be sure to secure the REFERREEs . to make SURE they see the results the RIGHT WAY! I would not stoop to slip a roll to Cruz to throw the fight and take a dive in the second round…I don’t have that much cash…maybe if I can talk DONALD into some large, coarse notes that we could make TED an offer he can’t refuse!!!
Still, I hope they have extra metal detecters…the Trump contingent is KNOWN for BRASS KNUCKLES!
Well, here’s to a FAIR FIGHT…



Seriously though, the GOP seems very likely to have a contested convention at this point.

I don’t know if this hurts or helps the party. If Kasich can convince Cruz to be his VP, you might have a ticket that can beat Hillary. If Cruz or Trump are the nominees, forget it.

I think, in the end, no matter what happens a huge block of VOP voters are going to feel betrayed and shut out of the process, and just stay home, or write-in some unwinnable person’s name, and Hillary becomes president.

Of course, that all changes if Hillary is indicted, which she might be! Democrats have their heads in the sand about the real possibility the FBI will recommend criminal charges be filed against her.

I’m a politics junkie, so I feel like I’ve died and gone to Heaven. What an election cycle!


If it takes Kasich to beat Hillary, we’ve lost already…


Whats the difference Kasich is a Dem himself. Only thing he is conservative on(barely) is social issues.


This cycle is probably over already, the best we can hope for at this point is the eradication of the GOP so the Trump faction and the other Establishment Liberals can join the Democrat Party and the Conservatives can start from scratch; this has been brewing ever since Reagan retired so we should just get it over with.


Kasich is in 4th place in a 3 man race…

If we look at votes cast as a % of eligibles, the Dims are WAY ahead of us and so are total votes cast. Bottom line is we are not looking real good here. The Dims have turned out 17.3% to our 11.7%. Sorry, but we cannot win with those numbers. Trumps numbers are more downside than up when you look at his negatives. Do not believe he can beat HildaBeast, so far no poll by anyone has him doing so.

I don’t see the GOP turn out, nor are the numbers there to win with.

If the GOP loses, I doubt we will see another GOP in office in my lifetime…


I think those numbers are backwards.
17.3 is the GOP turnout
11.7 is the Democrat turnout


I stand corrected, you are right. I kept trying to import and display the chart but finally gave up. That said in the final analysis its the vote count and there they have votes on their side. Our ONLY hope is that the GOP can come together and hold their nose as they pull the lever for Trump or Cruz. What I am afraid of is the Trump folks will stay home if he does not get the nom! If that happens then HildaBeast walks in the door.

Rush Limbaugh says the GOP will vote for Hillary if Trump gets the nod.

I have written this many times: History will blame the GOP for the demise of America, NOT the far left who wants to take credit for it. Its the GOP that could have taken Obama down and did not, its the GOP that sold out America for their own benefit and who are trying to hold onto their elite status…and if HildaBeast wins we all will know “the Fat Lady has sung”


That would be easier to accept were the times not so critical. ALL this DEBT; the borders WIDE OPEN; the Moslem in Chief arming up Iran. WHILE he’s DESTROYED our own military forces.

We cannot frig around for four years of the incompent, foul-mouthed, violent wife of an un-serious placeholder President of the past. We are on the edge; and just not-reversing-course is going to cause us to collapse and the world to melt down into Allah’s Armageddon.


Rest assured; it won’t be Allah’s (I read the Book)…