PBS Reporter Gleefully Says Attacking Trump Must Be a ‘Team Sport’ for the Media

In our age of internet, cable, iphones etc. there’s no need for PBS, put it into the dust bin of history where it belongs.

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Tax payer money should not be going to a left wing network. If PBS should continue to exist, it should be neutral or present all sides. If can’t do that, it should de-funded and be forced to live off something other than the public dime.

if it is so popular and desirable let the leftists pay for it…but they don’t. THey want everyone else to pay for it FOR THEM.

Twice a year, I’m told, PBS does massive telethons featuring some popular music groups as a way to collect monies for their programming. There are some shows on PBS that I like, but most are just plain boring. They make gobs of $$ on those telethons so I don’t see where they would need extra bucks from the taxpayers.