Peace with North Korea


So, is anyone going to give President Trump credit on this? Just luck? Obama really set the tone for this? It must have been the great work of John F Kerry?

My guess is that no matter what happens, President Trump will get no credit from the left. Never Trumpers will still denounce him. Secretly, the Left will hope NK launches a nuke just to demonstrate President Trump’s failures. Probably they won’t even hope secretly.

What are your thoughts?


Trump has handled North Korea superbly. He is exactly the right person to stand up to a blowhard who talks out his butt. Rocket Man has never encountered such a man as Trump.

Depending on how things turn out, this will be his third best accomplishment as president.


Can anyone tell me exactly what of any consequence has been accomplished?

The NoKo’s haven’t committed to anything I’m aware of, though I admit we don’t know what was discussed in Trump/ Kim’s meeting.

We do know that the president appears to have offered to cancel “war games” with SoKo. What do you suppose Trump got for that? Rumor has it that China announced the cancellation of exercises before Trump did. But that that last part with a grain of salt…Just a rumor at this point.

Now I want Trump to succeed, I’m just not aware of anything other than Trump kissing Kim’s Communist butt by gushing praise all over him, calling him “honorable” and saying that he “trusts him”.

Does anyone believe that Kim will give up his Nukes and allow extremely invasive inspections to verify? Please, go on the record in this thread so I can bookmark it.


President Trump used both the carrot and he stick. The carrot was the knowledge that NK could become a modern, prosperous, respected nation, just like his neighbor to the south. But what was stick?

I’m guessing he told him that we know where he is at all times and we can detonate a conventional 500 pound bomb within ten feet of him anytime we want–no nukes required.

Yeah. I think Kim wants to get rid of those dirty nukes.


I’ll admit that I’m not comfortable with this. I’m not sure how he could have handled things; I do know that both W. and Obama had a much better opportunity to deal with Kim before he had nuke missile technology. W. didn’t because he wasn’t forceful enough about it, and Obama didn’t because he hates America.

I don’t know. He might, at least in the short term, simply because he saw what happened to Saddam Hussein- at least after W. came along after the Bill of Wrongs let him get away with the shell game for years-, and Trump isn’t so likely to let him get away with squat.


This is exactly what I expected from the leftists.


Only time will tell. I have great hopes for this situation. My guess is that perhaps NK (Kim Jong Un) will be receiving some monetary compensation. But I have great faith in Trump despite how the Marxist lefties want to portray him. If this works, this could be the ticket to 4 more years.


Why does everyone feel the need to frame people that disagree with them in derogatory terms? As if everyone that has anything critical to say about Trump is a " insert derogatory term here"

For what it’s worth, despite what others here might think, I really, really hope that Trump succeeds where others have failed. My response to this post was simply to point out that, to this point, he hasn’t accomplished anything that we want that other president’s haven’t or couldn’t

Talking to Kim face-to-face and kissing his behind is something any president could have done. I’ll promise to eat my shorts if it turns out that his flattery was part of some clever ruse to lul Kim into giving up his nukes and allowing invasive sanctions, sanctions even more strict than those in Iran.

However, they say that in relationships, people often treat others the way they wish to be treated. Trump enjoys sycophantic levels of praise and I guess he assumes that a dictator like Kim also enjoys it.

Time will tell…

But you didn’t answer my question. You willing to go on the record…

Do you believe that Kim will give up his Nukes and allow extremely invasive inspections to verify?


Well, let me go in the record by saying I don’t know either, but if I had to place a bet, I’m going with, he’ll never give up the nukes he has and he’ll never allow invasive inspections in his country. Just as he’s familiar with what happened to Saddam, He’s also familiar with what happened to Gaddafi.

Now, would you rather go out being dragged through the streets after being anally raped or would you rather make war for a while before you are captured and hanged?

Since Kim can rain his '50’s era artillery on Seoul and take as many people with him as he can (in the hopes that the toll is high enough the allies will stop attacking - oops did I say “allies”, I’m thinking besides SoKo, everyone else will sit this one out).

So there, there is me on the record. Bookmark it, come back in a year or two and if I’m wrong, feel free to rub it in my face like a whip cream pie…



That’s something, a beginning where there wasn’t one.


Try to remember that what happened to Gaddafi was at the hands of a feckless, DEMOCRAT-run administration.


Um, its kind of a natural reation to being called racist for eight years for lwss provocation than that.

As far as your question on verifiability, a lot of people are asking about that, not just hard core leftists. This meeting was an important first step in the right direction. A small one, but that’s how long journeys start. There are many more steps to be taken, but often the first step is the hardest.

So we wait and see.


In the case of Saddam, he didn’t cooperate with inspections.

And as PD alluded to, what happened to Khadaffi was under I-hate-America-I-love-the-Muslim-Brotherhood Obama.


That doesn’t make any difference to him or the regime in his country. Gaddafi relented on WMDs, and he still got deposed by us.

If there’s a rebellion within their ranks, they have clear precedent that western powers will interfere, and support the usurpers.

The entire reason they went ahead with development of nukes that can reach us, is because they know having them would make us think twice of doing that.

Deterrence from interference; only a nuke works.


It’s just ironic that when asked if he’d meet with the leaders of NoKo, Iran and some others, Obama had his ass ripped by the right. Now that Trump is doing it, everything is a-ok. I hope you see the hypocrisy.

Personally, I’m Ok with Trump talking to the NoKo’s, but I think Trump thinks that flattery and giving away things before he gets anything in return will work. I’m doubtful, but despite what you all think, I am hopeful and I’m behind Trump 100% on this, despite my criticisms.


As I said, when Obama stated he’d talk to NoKo the right went nuts. Having said that, I agree that diplomacy is a great first step, but let’s be honest, if talks are all that comes out of this, we’re all going to be a bit disappointed.

But that is partisan politics for you. It’s obvious when “your guy” does something you look for the good in it, when the “other guy” does something you look for the bad.

I’m going to say this again. I don’t mind that Trump is talking to NoKo and I hope he succeeds where others have failed, despite the fact that I think that in most respects I think he is a terrible president.


Does anyone have a problem with Trump heaping praise on a brutal dictator?


There’s one more point to this story. Who actually beat, stabbed and shot Gaddafi? Who wielded the weapons with zeal against him? It wasn’t any Americans. It was his own countrymen, rebels who had suffered for years under his leadership.

Kim Jong Un knows there are lots of North Korean peasants who are suffering right now because of his leadership. It’s not us he fears when he thinks about Gaddafi, it’s his own people he fears, with good reason.

That’s part of the stick that President Trump used. We’re not only applying sanctions right now that really hurt him, Trump threatened more sanctions if Kim falls off the wagon. If that happens, his people will suffer more while he continues to live in splendor. Propaganda can only go so far to tamp down a backlash from the people.

But reminders of Gaddafi are also part of the carrot that President Trump offered. NK really could become a modern, prosperous nation, if the hermit kingdom starts acting like a civilized nation. The President repeatedly said how good the NK people are, meaning that they have the mental capacity to achieve what South Korea has achieved. Kim wants that prosperity. He wants the respect SK gets. It’s a big carrot.

The respect President Trump paid to Kim was meant to be a sample of what he could regularly receive for real if he makes big changes right now.

Only Trump could have pulled this off. No one else ever has. Yes, time will tell, but man oh man it’s a good start.


And if a democrat, any democrat had done the same, the vast majority of the right would be running around with its collective hair on fire.

Having said that, you might be right. Only Trump supporters are capable of the kind of hypocrisy and ignorance of the principles they touted when the opposition was leading could accomplish what’s happened.

Maybe history will prove out that Trump is the president the country needs, not the president that the country wants. I don’t believe that, but maybe I’ll have to eat crow…Time will tell.


What has President Trump “given away” to NoKo? He’s said–unequivocally–that the sanctions will STAY in place until NoKo has denuclearized. He’s promised NO cash from the U.S. He’s hinted at ending joint military exercises with the SoKo armed forces, but…having participated in a few of those…they were pretty useless anyway.